Breadboard model of St.-Petersburg XVIII century

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In new shopping and entertainment complex «Admiral» that over metro station «Admiralteyskaya», there is breadboard model of St.-Petersburg of Peter I years (if to be exact, first half of XVIII century) at full speed is completed. At once it is necessary to notice that buildings on a breadboard model are collected from the next time pieces, to it the captious reader can find little errors. The exhibition already works, truth while is ready only third of objects and sketches from figures.

So, a short sightseeing tour on a breadboard model of St.-Petersburg of Peter I years, 33 photo:
2nd Admiralty island and Admiralty
2nd Admiralty island and Admiralty. On the right a light three-storyed building — the second Winter Palace. The district directly before us long time was deserted and few buildings. Pastor Kreitz in the application on the permission to construct Lutheran church (that on Nevsky prospectus), submitted to the empress Anna Ioannovne, specified: «I Am afraid of a lack of water, malefactors, murderers, thieves and the different falsities happening ordinary with that who lives far from the neighbours».

Fire in a warehouse
Fire in a warehouse. «Fire» turn on with the button, at first inflames, smokes and gradually fades. Rather spectacularly it has turned out, children in delight!

Gostiny dvor
Gostiny dvor on Vasilevsky island.

Menshikovsky palace and the Andreevsky cathedral
Menshikovsky palace and Andreevsky cathedral. On a background — a building of Twelve boards.

Menshikovsky palace
Palace of the prince Menshikov, Alexander Danilovich. On a building roof in all grandees feast.

Boats mooring near the Menshikovsky palace
Boats mooring near the princely palace.

welve boards
Twelve boards.

Kunstkamera, a breadboard model of Petersburg of a XVIII-th century
Kunstkamera. The ensemble still is not present at Spit of Vasilevsky island — it will be generated only after a century, in the middle of XIX-th century.

Sailing vessels on Neva
Sailing vessels on Neva. Ships going on the present water, movable, possibly, magnets under a bottom. Looks rather effectively as sailing vessels, rocking, stately float on water area.

On building berths Admiralties are under construction new sailing vessels.

2nd Isaakievsky cathedral
At full speed 2nd is under construction the Isaakievsky cathedral Antonio Rinaldi. This not so Petrovsky years, instead of it there should be a small wooden churchlet for the sake of sacred Isaak Dolmatsky which was to the forerunner to the subsequent cathedrals.

English quay
English quay. The area occupied nowadays with buildings of the Senate and the Synod, a post court yard. On a background — cases New Holland, on a breadboard model they are not completed yet.

Suburbs of St.-Petersburg


Kronstadt for the present is under construction, some structures only are designated. Before us the Petrovsky (southern) dock, on the right, probably — the Italian palace, at the left — Menshikov's Palace behind which the Petrovsky park is seen.

Botik Peter
Botik Peter. I here did not know that it was in Kronstadt. Probably it before ботик has been moved on territory the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Forts around Kronstadt began to be created at once. A part of fortresses on natural islets, and a part — on specially насыпанных artificial. Swedes both did not storm, and could not overcome neither forts, nor a fortress on island Kotlin.


Big Menshikovsky palace in Oranienbaum
The Big Menshikovsky palace in Oranienbaum.

Grandees in park of the Big Menshikovsky palace, a breadboard model of Petersburg of a XVIII-th century

In palace park grandees in cocked hats and caftans of that time walk.

Promenade on a meadow
Promenade on a meadow.

Big Menshikovsky palace, palace park
The Big Menshikovsky palace, palace park


As well as the Big Menshikovsky palace, Petershtadt almost is completely completed. Peter III Petershtadt's Amusing fortress
Amusing fortress Peter III Petershtadt.

Holsteiners regiments, a breadboard model of Petersburg of a XVIII-th century
Holsteiners are charged by fuel.

Camp of Holsteiners regiments near Petershtadtom
Camp of Holsteiners regiments near Petershtadt.

Fortress of Petershtadt, a breadboard model
Fortress of Petershtadt. Nowadays from all fortress there were only entrance gate and Peter III palace.


Peterhof is full completed, can, unless, small genre sketches will be added.
Peterhof, the Top garden The Top garden.

Peterhof, the Top garden

Top garden in Peterhof, a breadboard model of Petersburg of a XVIII-th century

Small carriage
On a breadboard model carriages, crews and vehicles travel about. Horses, of course, hoofs do not move — scale is hefty small, but looks rather effectively, especially sparks on carriages.

Carriages before collars in the Top garden of Peterhof
Before collars in the Top garden Peterhof.

Catherine II arrival to Peterhof
The empress, Catherine the Great, has deigned to arrive to the magnificent country residence — «Russian Versailles».

Big Peterhof Palace
The Big Peterhof Palace.

Fountain Samson, a breadboard model of Petersburg of a XVIII-th century
Fountain Samson.

Party in the park
Nobility party in the park. Pictures of the grandees practising in shooting from onions, and ball in the Top garden have not turned out. Illumination weak, and places is frankly gloomy, it is difficult to make photo.

Figures of people, prepared for a breadboard model for genre sketches
The figures of people, prepared for a breadboard model for genre sketches

The breadboard model as I spoke, is still completed, but I recommend to visiting already now — while there are no roaring crowds, there is such popularity, as at Grand Breadboard model Russia. The idea here same, but is a binding to district, let with small errors. And the same realisation with buttons on the perimetre, initiating any movements on objects: the fire lights up, the crew starts to run, fires on ball of grandees are lighted, etc.


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