Light festival

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On Isaakievsky Square in Petersburg has passed grandiose sveto-musical the show as which scenery have acted Mariinsky palace and Isaakievsky cathedral.

Light festival
Light festival

Spectator at light festival

Spectator at light festival.

Spectator at light festival
Before spectators was history of Petersburg from arrival Peter I on the Neva coast and an epoch of palace revolutions to nowadays. Shattering flooding, sounded by verses Pushkin.

Mariinsky palace, light festival

Mariinsky palace, light festival

Mariinsky palace, light festival
Bloody revolution sung by verses of Mayakovsky.

Mariinsky palace, light festival

Mariinsky palace, light festival

What is autumn
Finishing chord of Light Festival.

Mariinsky palace decked in the mellow autumn

Finishing salute
Final salute.

Finishing salute, light show on Mariinsky palace

Light show on the Isaakievsky cathedral
On Mariinsky palace had been illustrated all city history, and on Isaakievsky cathedral any set of the untied slides which sense remained for me a riddle.

Light show on Isaakievsky cathedral
That on a cathedral crept spiderweb.

Minute of a narcotism
That elements of a heavy narcotism.

Spectator removes show on GoPro.

It would be quite good, if shows repeat.


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