Repulse of airstrike

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antiaircraft gun shot
Antiaircraft gun shot

Preamble: Russia is low-drink country, categorically does not suffice holidays. It is necessary to establish Day of the Hero of sword and magic. Has been organised military-historical reconstruction of repulse of an air raid to Leningrad.

So, Semyonych

So, Semyonych, at first we there, then here...
Reconstructors and organizers stipulate the scenario of forthcoming action.

the Captain of armies of communication and the lieutenant of a health service
The captain of armies of communication and the lieutenant of a health service

Red marine
Red marine. Konstantin, whether you it?

Antiaircraft gun on the Mars field

Motorcycle with stroller

Military patrol at the antiaircraft gun
Military patrol at the antiaircraft gun. that spectators on small screws have not taken away.

«Willys MB»
Present real «Willys MB»!

Luftwaffe Pilot
Luftwaffe Pilot, by scenario this bomber brought down over Leningrad.

And, at last, LMAO:
«Our» bombers

I get accustomed to the poster, the fifth point I feel the wrong. I approach more close, I start to study photos. I show a hand on an average picture. From organizers the citizen is undermined.
— What? And you want to reproach me with a picture?!
— In general yes, planes not ours.
— Also what? And you know by what plane the hero of Soviet Union Pokryshkin flied three times?!
— On P-39 Airacobra.
— Yes!
— So these aitplanes, not Airacobra, to us by Lend Lease were not delivered!
— Also what? At us time was a little! Had not time to reprint!! My two grandfathers were at war!!!
— And my grandfathers were at war. Well though not Luftwaffe print, and that is fine.

Attention to the second photo: the American diving bomber of «Vultee» (Vultee A-31 Vengeance).


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Mars field

Mars field on map

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