When is the best time to visit St. Petersburg?

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I live in St. Petersburg, so I can advise specific months and dates for a visit to the Northern capital. To begin with, from October to December we have the storm season and very bestial weather - strong piercing winds. We do not spoil the weather, but especially during these months.

New Year

Nevsky photo - New Year
It’s quite an obvious time for a visit when the city is in New Year’s decoration. In my opinion, it is wretched from year to year, it could be many times better. On a photo 2008, then the city was perfectly decorated.

Blockade Day

- January 27th.
Salute over the Neva photo - Day of lifting the siege of Leningrad

In addition to the evening fireworks, there is a chance to catch an open-air exhibition on Italian Street - equipment, weapons, the general atmosphere of the besieged Leningrad.

1939 anti-aircraft gun

The May holidays

Pilot :) photo - May 9, Victory Day
Because our country celebrates 2 weeks, then a fair number of tourists come to us these days, the benefit is already warm, and there are no Chinese roaring crowds (by the way, I don’t know how it is now, in view of the coronavirus epidemic).

Following the May holidays is the smelt festival (usually around May 11-19). Either on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, or LenExpo.

Day of the city

Hussars photo - City Day
In our country, unlike many cities, the day of the city is a fixed date: May 27. If this day does not fall on a weekend, then the events are extended for a week, and the main holiday is on the weekend following this date.

Scarlet Sails

Palace Embankment photo - Scarlet Sails
One of the most famous city holidays. The action is more colorful every year, but there are a lot of people. If you get hold of an invitation to the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, you can see the holiday from the Neva panorama not from the crowd.

Dostoevsky Day

Old woman interest-maker photo - Dostoevsky Day
The first weekend of July. Kuznechny Lane (metro station Vladimirskaya / Dostoevskaya) becomes pedestrianized for one day, a stage is set up, modern advertisements are hanging on nearby houses a la XIX century. A special color - artists in costumes of the heroes of Fyodor Mikhailovich walk between the audience, which makes them feel like they are participating. This holiday is perhaps one of the most spectacular and interesting.

River Fleet Day

Launch Team Photo - River Fleet Day
The first of July. Unusual theatrical performances on the rivers of the city - Fontanka, Moika, Hook Channel and, of course, the Neva .

Navy Day

Celebratory fireworks photo - Navy Day
The second (well, maybe the third) city holiday in importance and entertainment (after the day of the city and Scarlet Sails). As in Vladivostok and Sevastopol on this day, the parade of ships (in the Neva) and the whole city becomes striped. It’s literally the only day when the police do not bother drinking alcohol on the street. In any case, if you drink without debauchery.

Ships in the roadstead photo - Navy Day

Airborne Day

About parachute photo - Airborne Forces Day

Our Airborne Forces Day is very local and short, but spectacular - AfganVet every year bring two armored personnel carriers to the Palace Square along which children are allowed to climb. Tourists, seeing so many stripes, are very surprised and somehow they asked me in English: “What is this? Theatrical performance? " I already choked. Well yes, I say, to some extent. Then he remembered how the word skydiver in English and answered more precisely.
The holiday at the Palace is just a couple of hours - from about 10 to 12, then a march of the paratroopers on the Champ de Mars, and then to the park of the three hundredth anniversary. AfganVet themselves put things in order in their ranks and there are no drunken fights in the city on this day.

Paratroopers on the armor photo - Airborne Forces Day

I mentioned about the Chinese, in the summer we have a huge number of tourists, so it will be problematic to get to museums. If you want to visit the Hermitage, other museums and suburbs, then it is better to choose the winter months. From May to September, literally every weekend, something happens - Hermitage Cat Day, World (!) St. Petersburg Cat Day, fisherman's day, White Nights marathon, opening of the motorcycle season, etc. etc.

Welcome to St. Petersburg!


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