St.-Petersburg, aerophoto. Part 4

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The fourth part photo from the helicopter:




Water area of Neva
Water area Neva, Spit of Vasilevsky island, Palace bridge (on the right). At the left — Fortress St.-Petersburg, in the distance Troitsky and behind it Liteyny bridges.

Business centre «Nevsky town hall»
Business centre «Nevsky town hall».

Business centre «Nevsky town hall», a view to Smolny cathedral
Business centre «Nevsky town hall» (in the foreground), a view to Smolny cathedral.

Nevsky prospectus
Nevsky prospectus from Gostiny dvor to Revolt Square.

New Holland
New Holland.

New-Moscow bridge
New-Moscow bridge through Bypass channel (crossing with Moskovsky prospectus).

New buildings
New buildings.

New buildings

New buildings

Hypermarket «Obi»
Hypermarket «Obi».



Smart Quarter
Smart Quarter, new buildings at Tavrichesky park.

Pedestrian crossing over rail ways
Pedestrian crossing over rail ways.

Pedestrian crossing over rail ways at «american» bridges

Fantastic pedestrian crossing
Fantastic pedestrian crossing!

Trade center «Peak», Sennaya square
Trade center «Peak», Sennaya square.

Floating crane
Floating crane.

Alexander Nevsky's Square
Alexander Nevsky's Square.

Alexander Nevsky's Square

Chernyshevsky's Square, hotel «Russia»
Chernyshevsky's Square, hotel «Russia».

Constitution Square, Lenenergo
Constitution Square, Lenenergo.

Constitution Square, Lenenergo

Ostrovsky's Square, Aleksandrinsky theatre
Ostrovsky's Square, Aleksandrinsky theatre.

Ostrovsky's Square, Aleksandrinsky theatre

Victory Square
Victory Square on entrance to a city from the south (from Pulkovsky highway).

Sailing vessel
Sailing vessel.

Radio mast, Petrogradskaya part
Radio mast, Petrogradskaya part.


Sampsonievsky bridge
Sampsonievsky bridge.

Blue bridge, Mariinsky palace
Blue bridge, Mariinsky palace.

Sport complex
Sport complex.

Warehouse of pipes
Warehouse of pipes.

Warehouse of pipes

Smolensk blockade cemetery
Smolensk blockade cemetery.

Smolensk blockade cemetery

Smolensk cemetery
Smolensk cemetery, oldest in city.

St.-Petersburg's state economic university
St.-Petersburg's state economic university.

Stadium «Petrovsky»
Stadium «Petrovsky».



Building, cranes


Building, houses of workers
Houses of workers.

Two submarines of type «Varshavjanka»
Two submarines of type «Varshavjanka».

Dry-cargo ship
Dry-cargo ship, rubble unloading. On the right any mysterious pipes of appointment unknown to me.

thermal power station-5
Thermal power station-5.

Television tower of the St.-Petersburg television centre
Television tower of the St.-Petersburg television centre.


Tram park
Tram park.

Tuchkov bridge
Tuchkov bridge.

Ural bridge through Smolenka river
Ural bridge through Smolenka river and Ural street.

Cable-stayed bridge
Cable-stayed bridge.

Huge cruise liner
Huge cruise liner, the western part of Vasilevsky island.

Ancient depot
Ancient not used depot.

Vitebsk prospectus
Vitebsk prospectus.

Voskresensky quay
Voskresensky quay.

Boats and yachts
Mooring of boats.

Sports complex «Yubileyny»
Sports complex «Yubileyny».

Sports complex «Yubileyny»

Under construction stadium «Zenith-arena»
Under construction stadium «Zenith-arena» and the future part highway.





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