Submarine Museum S-189

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The submarine 613 of the project, the submarine museum S-189, is moored along the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment in St. Petersburg .

The tour starts from the seventh compartment (torpedo).

Children's drawings of the contest winners

Children's drawings of the contest winners.

Torpedo loading hatch
Hatch loading torpedoes.

Electromotor compartment
Electromotor compartment (sixth).

Diesel compartment
Diesel compartment (fifth), 2 diesel engines on the right and left.

Guide C-189
The guide tells about the features of compartments, service on submarines of this type and the history of the ship.

Fifth compartment

Fifth compartment

Diesel compartment

Hatch between compartments
Hatch between compartments.

Caboose (fourth compartment)

Galley (kitchen), fourth compartment.

Galley hatch

Repair Workbench
Repair Workbench

Inside C-189

The third compartment is the Central Post (main command post), cabin acoustics and radiometrists
The third compartment is the Central Post (the main command post), the cutting of the hydro-acoustics and radiometrists, the eyes and ears of the submarine.

Central post
Central post.

Order of the USSR
Order of the USSR.

Hatchway in the living compartment

Residential compartment, the captain's cabin
Residential compartment (fourth), the cabin of the captain.

Fourth compartment
For the sake of exposure left 2 cabins, the rest were removed.

Cabin company
Cabin-company - the table at which the officers discussed the actions of the submarine on the march, the crew took food, and if it was impossible to evacuate the patient, the same table was used as an operating room.


C-189, dive control station
Dive control station.


Latrine (toilet) and shower.

C-189, devices

C-189, devices

The scheme of the submarine S-189
The scheme of the submarine C-189 (illustration from the site of the museum C-189).

The main tactical and technical characteristics of the submarine project 613 :
  • Ship's rank is second
  • Surface displacement - 1050 t
  • Underwater displacement - 1350 t
  • Length - 76 m
  • Width - 6.3 m
  • Draft average cruising waterline - 4.5 m
  • Immersion depth (working / limit) - 170/200 m
  • Crew (depending on the state): 52-54 people (8 officers)
  • Autonomy (for food, fresh water, fuel, means of chemical air regeneration) - 30 days
  • Time of continuous stay under water - 200 hours
  • Maximum surface speed - 18.25 knots
  • Maximum underwater speed - 13.1 knots
  • Navigation distance in surface position with a speed of 10 knots - 8580 miles
  • Submarine cruising range at a speed of 2 knots is 350 miles.

What is surprising - the museum is private. Probably the only one in Russia . C-189, having served for almost 35 years, was withdrawn from the fleet in 1990 and later, in 1999, sank in the merchant harbor of the port of Kronstadt. In 2005, at the expense of the businessman and former submariner Andrei Artyushin, the submarine was raised and docked at the Kanonersky plant, where she found a rebirth. Since 2007, moored at the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt as a floating monument. After the repair and restoration of interiors, a private museum was opened at its base, which opened on March 18, 2010.

A submarine of such a project was launched more than 250, but only this one remained, thanks to the initiative of Artyushin.

The ticket price is 400 rubles (200 rubles. - preferential). Keep in mind that the ticket can be bought only for cash. The mode of operation of the museum "submarine C-189": from 11:00 to 19:00. Entry of visitors - until 18:00.


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