Lanterns in Russia

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From traveling in Russia, there was a bit of photos of street clocks, a small collection.


Lantern at the Drama Theater
Lantern at the Drama Theater.

Lamp post

Lamp post.

Lantern in Koltsovsky Square
Lantern in Koltsovsky Square.

Lanterns on the Admiralteyskaya Square
Lanterns on the Admiralteyskaya Square

Lantern in the night
Lantern in the night.

Lantern in Koltsovsky Square 2
Lantern in Koltsovsky Square.
Lanterns in Koltsovsky Square in Voronezh, many creative.

Hi Chubais :)
Hi Chubais :)
Here is such a hello to Chubais :) Almost in the very center of Voronezh.

Hinged street light
Hinged street light.
Six-gated street lighting.

A stone bridge
Stone bridge, one of the symbols of the city.


Lamp. Square of the 50th anniversary of the Victory
Lamp. Square of the 50th anniversary of the Victory.
Incredibly beautiful lanterns in Oranienbaum on the square of the 50th anniversary of the Victory.



From the room suggest: Pixar.


Chain light
Chain light
An amazing flashlight neatly suspended from a chain above the passage along the fortress wall of the Vyborg Castle.


Blonie's Garden
Blonie's Garden
Besides the fact that Smolensk is a very green city, there are also many parks with fountains, benches and very attractive lanterns.

Bench and lantern
Bench and lantern in Lopatinsky garden. In the main park of Smolensk fantastically beautiful lights. A mainly diverse non-recurring subjects. But the benches frankly miserable and uncomfortable.

Great idea — the orchestra of street lamps. Simple and very attractive.


The Mobius strip
The Mobius strip

The author of the composition, the famous Ural sculptor Stepan Aduashvili said that the “Möbius Strip” symbolizes the connection between the past and the future. In the composition, scores and antique lanterns are located next to the modern terminal — a scanner and illuminators in the form of a bar code.

The Mobius strip
The Mobius strip.
The nighttime version of Ribbon Möbius, Yekaterinburg, at the turn of Yakov Sverdlov Street in front of the Gazprom-Transgaz business center.


Alley on Lenin Avenue
Alley on Lenin Avenue.
The alley along Lenin Avenue is well-equipped.


Faculty of Russian Philology and National Culture of RSU
The faculty of Russian philology and national culture of RSU and the forged lamp, though kitsch, but very attractive (of course, it was not the authorities who installed it, but a nearby cafe.


Gates of Tyutchevsky Square
The gates of Tyutchevsky Square are beautifu Lanterns are also very pleasant.

A collection of photos of lanterns in Russia will be replenished.


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