Lantern on the square of Decembrists

Lantern on the square of Decembrists photo - St.-Petersburg
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05.06.2008  18:07

Nowadays the areas have returned it historical the name: Senatskaya.

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  • Lantern on the square of Decembrists
  • Lantern on the square of Decembrists
  • Broken off ring
  • Broken off ring

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details  Walking in St.-Petersburg — attention to decor of bridges at the Engineering Castle. Lattices of fencings, elements of lampposts — all is penetrated by military subjects. These are spears, swords, boards, helmets etc.. As it is wide replicated detail — head of Medusa that should frighten off evil ghosts, evil spirits, ... →


Lantern  Variety of lanterns in Petersburg admires the visitor of northern capital and pleases the Petersburger. They decorate avenuees and avenues, gardens and parks and, certainly, serve as the integral elements of furniture bridges. Light of a street lantern bewitches the passer-by, gives ... →


Senatskaya Square  Is renamed into the square of Decembrists in memory of revolt of revolutionaries of noble family on December, 14th ­1825 Before the area was called as Senatorial, on the Senate and Synod building. In Catherine II board the ... →


St.-Petersburg is based in 1703 to year.

coast of the Neva delta from of old were a part of the earths of Great Novgorod. Neva — one of sites of an ... →



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