Apartment house of Duke N. N. Leuchtenberg

Apartment house Duke N. N. Leuchtenberg photo - St.-Petersburg
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Apartment house of Duke N. N. Leuchtenberg, St. Petersburg, Petrogradskaya side, Bolshaya Zelenina street, 28 (built in 19041905).

This house is the first large building of the architect Fyodor Fedorovich (Friedrich August) von Postels. < br/>
The dominant feature of the main facade is a huge mosaic frieze, consisting of five large mosaic panels, created in 1905 according to the sketches of the artist S. Shelkovy in the studio of V. A. Frolov. located between large windows on the fifth floor.For the first time, the building depicted a landscape - fields, hills, a river, city buildings, an industrial landscape with tall smoking chimneys. Motives smoothly flow into one another, creating a panorama. at the bottom right, the letter "F" and the year "1905". The texture of unpolished smalt and the relief of its overlay on the base are actively used. The set method, selection of colors according to the principle of "pointillism" is used in the expectation of optical mixing of colors at a certain height. Seams accentuate the outline and borders of color spots. Smalt panels do not have traditional frames and fill the entire free surface of the upper floor.

Front doors

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