St.-Petersburg, aerophoto. Part 2

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The second part of photo from helicopter:

Square of Proletarian Dictatorship
The square of Proletarian Dictatorship.

Smolnyj cathedral

Smolnyj cathedral

Alexander-Nevsky Bridge
Alexander-Nevsky Bridge
On a background — Aleksandro-Nevsky monastery and the left coast Neva, on forward — modern building from glass on the right coast.

12th fire brigade
16 group FPS 12 fire brigade. On a tower on a balcony a figure of the fireman.

Nikolaevskaya Academy of the Joint Staff
Building on the Suvorovsky prospectus — Nikolaevskaya Academy of the Joint Staff (nowadays Military academy of communication, the former Leningrad higher military engineering school of communication). Before an entrance there was a monument to officers, the graduates of the academy who have fallen on battle fields (it's remove after revolution). On empty place the lion who was acting in film in one of episodes film «Adventures Italians in Russia», this lion, by the way, is sleeps — a unique sleeping lion in St.-Petersburg. Now the lion is relocated to arch at an entrance in a building, the pedestal was occupied with Alexander II.

Bridges through the Big Neva
Bridges through the Big Neva.
All basic bridges in gathering: Litejny, Troitsky, Palace, Blagoveshchensky and it is less — Exchange Bridge. On the right is cruiser Aurora, hardly further Peter and Paul Fortress, Vasilevsky island. At the left hardly the «Big House» and far away Summer garden is seen.

Taurian palace, Taurian garden, Water tower
Taurian palace, Taurian garden, a water tower of the Water Museum.

Big House
The Big House, FSB management of St.-Petersburg.

Taurian palace
Taurian palace (Tavrichesky).

Church of an icon of Mother of God
Church of an icon of Mother of God.

Railway Trains

Railway Trains

Betsky's House and Saltykov's House
Saltykov's House (at the left) and Betsky's House (Palace of the prince Oldenburgsky). On the right — a monument to Suvorov.

Landing to «Meteors»
Landing on «Meteors» at Palace quay.

Walking ships on Neva
Brownian motion, walking ships on Neva at Prachechny bridge.

Summer garden
Photo towards a gulf, Summer garden and Mars field. Engineering castle was restored.

Summer garden and Mars field

Mars field from the helicopter
Mars field from the helicopter
At the left — Summer garden, on the right — barracks of the Pavlovsk regiment. In the distance at the left — Engineering castle, on the right — Rescued-on-blood Church.

Isaakievsky cathedral from the helicopter
Isaakievsky cathedral, Isaakievsky Square and Mariinsky palace on a background. The slice of recently restored house of Lobanov-Rostovsky at the left is seen.

Palace Square
Palace Square

Blagoveshchensky bridge
Blagoveshchensky bridge

Copper horseman
Copper horseman

Admiralty from the helicopter
Admiralty still repairing. Majestic Isaakievsky cathedral flaunts on a background. On the right hardly the monument to Peter I, Copper horseman is swept up.

Bark Sea Cloud II
Барк Sea Cloud II — visitor from Germany (going under the flag of Malta). On the right — church for the sake of Uspenija Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy at a farmstead of Kozelsk Piously-Vvedensky Optinoj desert.

Smolensk cemetery
Smolensk cemetery.

Voskresensky and Smolensk churches on Smolensk cemetery
Voskresensky church (before an entrance to cemetery) and church of the Smolensk icon of Mother of God (Smolensk church).

Blagoveshchensk church on Vaske
Blagoveshchensk church on Vasilecsky Island.
Small pleasant five-domed Blagoveshchensk church on 7th line of the Island.

Variant hardly from other corner, I can not choose what photo better.
Blagoveshchensk church on Vasilevsky island

Blagoveshchensk church on Vasilevsky island

Stadium «Petrovsky»
Stadium «Petrovsky».

Ekaterina's church on the Cadet line
Temple of Sacred Great martyr Ekaterina on the Cadet line (27а) of Vasilevsky island.

Hare island, a fortress St.-Petersburg
Hare island, fortress St.-Petersburg

Hare island, a fortress St.-Petersburg from the helicopter

Kamennoostrovsky prospectus
Kamennoostrovsky prospectus.

Cruiser «Aurora»
Cruiser «Aurora».

Cruiser «Aurora». Aerophoto from the helicopter

Tavrichesky garden
Tavrichesky garden.

Spit of Vasilevsky island
Spit of Vasilevsky island.

Frigate «Good fortune»
Frigate «Good fortune».

Aleksander column
Aleksander column

Nevsky prospectus from the helicopter
Nevsky prospectus from Moyka to Revolt Square.

Communication Palace
Communication palace — former German catholic church, rebuild to unrecognizability.

Maryinsky Theater and Maryinsky Theater-2
Maryinsky Theater and Maryinsky Theater-2

Port cranes
Port cranes.

Dry-cargo ship at a mooring
Dry-cargo ship at a mooring.

Dry-cargo ships and the ice breaker
Dry-cargo ships and the ice breaker.

Containers. A pattern
Containers. The pattern.

Sea containers in port

Sea containers in port

Sea containers in port

Sea containers in port

Sea containers in port

Has come
Flooded ship in port.

Motley crew
Motley crew.
Floating crane, a sailing vessel, any other ship and any not clear ship.

Military ships in port
Military ships in port
Destroyer «Quick» (number 420, Baltic Fleet).

Who will find in a picture cat the arms of the USSR — to whom sweetie.

Metro station «Avtovo»
Metro station «Avtovo».


Point of payment of journey
Point of payment on highway.

Constitution Square
the Constitution Square.

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