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From travels in Russia, there are a few photos of the brick buildings of industrial architecture, a small collection.
Yaroslavl Distillery
Yaroslavl Distillery
The official date of foundation of the Yaroslavl distillery is considered to be July 1, 1901, this year is stamped on the facade.

Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya st., 63.

Vakhrameevsky warehouses

Former Vakhrameevskie warehouses, named after the owner — the famous Yaroslavl merchant Ivan Alekseevich Vakhrameev, a bread merchant and patron of the arts. Until the 90s of the 20th century, they were used as manufactured goods warehouse.

Vladimir cherry
Vladimir cherry — a symbol of fertility of the Vladimir region, an abundance of well-being and hospitality. The art object was installed in 2014 to commemorate the revival of snow-white Vladimir gardens.

In the background — a water-pressure (viewing) tower. In connection with the construction of the city water supply in 1868. In 1975, the building opened the exhibition "Old Vladimir" — 3 floors of the exhibition, on the 4th floor — an observation deck.

Vladimir, Kozlov Val Street, 14.

Management of Federal Drug Control Service of Russia for the Republic of Belarus
The office of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan is located in the most beautiful promarch of 1909 built on the facade. Sorry, not googled the history of this house.

Address: Ufa, Kommunisticheskaya street, 29, house.

Police department
The linear police department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia for transport is located in a very kosher historical building, a very pleasant promarh (Address: Vokzalnaya st., 47A, Ufa.

Overlooked barn
Bypass barn, economic structure of the Omsk fortress.

Museum "Omsk fortress".
The building of the museum "Omsk Fortress", on the left is a stage and flags — Omsk is preparing for the day of the city.

Beautiful promarh in excellent condition, Barnaul, st. Guerrilla, 56.
There is a plaque on the wall of the house:
"In this building from July 26, 1941 to August 1946, the Lepel Artillery Mortar School was located".

The collection of photographs of the martyr of the 19th-20th century junction in Russia will be growing. It is very strange that there is nothing in St. Petersburg, but this is temporary.


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