Railway stations of Russia

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Station Voronezh-1
Voronezh-1 railway station is one of the most beautiful railway stations in Russia !

Smolensk Station

Smolensk Station

Ufa station
Ufa station
Ufa railway station rebuilt recently. Inside it looks spacious, but somehow stupid, especially with escalators, but outside it is generally so doubtful.

Weekday station
Weekday station
Children on the platform played violins on the classics, passengers of passing trains filmed videos on their phones. A station worker in a hurry to work. Tyumen .

Novosibirsk railway station
Novosibirsk railway station
Station in Novosibirsk gorgeous! Both outside and inside:
Orangery in the waiting room of Novosibirsk station
in the waiting room of Novosibirsk railway station is broken greenhouse.

Suburban Station
Suburban station of Novosibirsk.

Samara Railway Station
Samara Railway Station
Samara railway station is the newest, it is clear that it has been recently built.

Chelyabinsk station
Chelyabinsk railway station is modern and very well designed inside.

Station Omsk-Passenger
Station Omsk-Passenger
Railway station Omsk Passazhirskiy.

Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways

Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways, Yekaterinburg, Vokzalnaya st., 14.

Old railway station, "military", 1878, arch. P. Schreiberg. Object of cultural heritage. In the Great Patriotic War from this station, the soldiers went to the front to the music of "Slavyanka Farewell". The tradition to accompany the train to Moscow to this music has been preserved to this day (but the train leaves already from the new station).

Square in front of the Old Station
The area in front of the Old Station ( Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways ), Yekaterinburg, Vokzalnaya Street. In the foreground - the sculpture " Putejtsy ".

station Square
Railway Station Square, Yekaterinburg-Passenger Station, a monument to the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps.

Tver Railway Station
Tver Railway Station (left), on the right - the Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, built in 2010 on the site of a church demolished in 1983 .

Station of Veliky Novgorod
The station of Veliky Novgorod and the bust of Alexander Nevsky at Vokzalnaya Square.

Vologda railway station
Vologda railway station
Vologda railway station and the sign "I love Vologda."

Rybinsk railway station
Rybinsk railway station was recently renovated in 2014 . The station building was erected in the years 1904-1905 .

Former station Sheremetyevs graphs
Former station Sheremetyevs graphs . Surprisingly, there was a railway in Myshkin !

The structure of the late XIX century, a monument of architecture. Myshkin, the area of ​​the 60th anniversary of the Victory, 2.

Railway station Vladimir passenger
Railway station Vladimir passenger

Such a small collection of photos of railway stations in Russia .


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