How to determine the tram number in St. Petersburg from afar

In St. Petersburg the tram number can be determined from a very long distance, when the number is not yet visible. Each tram has 2 lights above the windshield and each route has its own set of colors. For example, route # 6 has both blue lights.

Tram series 71-623 photo - City transport
Tram series 71-623 on Kronverksky prospect (probably I was mistaken and this is the LM-68M2 tram modernized at OEVRZ).

ram No. 47
At route no. 47, both lanterns are red.

ram number 55
Route 55 has a red lantern on the left and blue on the right.

ram number 55

Tram LM-33 photo - City transport

Tram LM-33 ("American"). Apparently, lights of different colors on the tram routes of St. Petersburg almost from the very beginning opening of tram traffic in 1907 year.

Interestingly, I have never seen anything like this in Russia in any city. But this is very convenient! Of course, for example, in St. Petersburg, you can track the movement of certain public transport routes using Yandex Maps, but not everyone has smartphones, and many still do not know how to use them.

Tverskoy tram photo - City transport
For example, here is a tram in Tver.

Irkutsk tram photo - City transport
And this is Irkutsk.

St. Petersburg tram routes
All routes of the St. Petersburg tram and all color combinations of tram spotlights.


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