Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff

Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff photo - Aero photo
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11.07.2014  12:42

P-shaped building on the Suvorovsky avenue — the Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff (nowadays Military academy of communication, the former Leningrad higher military engineering school of communication of a name of Lensoveta). Before an input in a building there was a monument to officers, the graduates of the academy who have fallen on fields of battles (it is taken down after revolution). An empty place the lion who was acting in film in one of episodes of a film «has occupied Adventures of Italians in Russia», the lion, by the way, is still well-known for that sleeps — a unique sleeping lion in Petersburg. Now the lion is relocated in an arch at an input in a building at the left, the pedestal was occupied with Alexander II.

Sleva in two ranks there are parked limousines at the REGISTRY OFFICE of the Central area (the former private residence of engineer Ekareva A.A. — Suvorovsky avenue 41) where we with Mashikom, are remembered, undersigned.

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