St.-Petersburg, aerophoto. Part 3

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Third part photo from the helicopter.

Windsock at a take-off platform.


Southern thermal power station
Southern thermal power station

2 houses in style of brutalism
2 remarkable houses in style of brutalism.


Admiralty, a Senatskaya Square
Admiralty, Senatskaya Square. Further — Winter palace and Palace Square.

New buildings
St.-Petersburg are built up, appear new quarters.

Big Petrovsky bridge
Big Petrovsky bridge (from Petrovsky island to Krestovsky).

Big prospectus of Vasilevsky Island
Big prospectus Vasilevsky Island, view towards a gulf.

Chernyshevsky Prospectus
Chernyshevsky Prospectus.

St. George Church in Kupchino

St. George Church in Kupchino (again constructed).



Belinsky's Bridge
Belinsky's Bridge through Fontanka.

Manezhnaya Square
Manezhnaya Square.

Dead elephant
4 pipes in the foreground — «Dead elephant» (a boiler-house on quay of Fontanka).

Old depot
Old depot of the Baltic station.

Children's playground
the Children's playground.

Rest park «Miracle-island» on Krestovsky island
Rest park «Miracle-island» on Krestovsky island.

Business centre



Floating refuelling
Floating refuelling at Krestovsky island.

Communication Palace
Communication Palace — former German catholic church reconstructed in constructivism.

«Frunzensky» department store
«Frunzensky» department store (at crossing Moskovsky prospectus and quay of Bypass channel).



Gas station
Gas station.

Aleksandrovsky park
Aleksandrovsky park.

Gostiny dvor
Gostiny dvor.

Epiphany Temple on Gutuevsky island (Bogojavlensky)
Epiphany Temple on Gutuevsky island (Bogojavlensky).

Isaakievsky cathedral
Isaakievsky cathedral.

Highway (south)
Highway (south).

Highway, at Cable-stayed bridge
Highway, at Cable-stayed bridge.




Sailing vessel and «Meteors»
Sailing vessel and «Meteors» at Cable-stayed bridge.

Ships and the barge with a dredge
Ships and the barge with a dredge.

Foundation ditch
Foundation ditch of the future house. The beginning of building.

High-rise crane
High-rise crane.

Domes of the Krestovozdvizhensky cathedral
Domes of the Krestovozdvizhensky cathedral.

Kronverk, a spike of Peter and Pavel's cathedral
Kronverk, a spike Peter and Pavel's cathedral.

Lazarevsky bridge through Small Nevka
Lazarevsky bridge through Small Nevka

Lazarevsky bridge through Small Nevka

Hypermarket «Summer»
Hypermarket «Summer».

Hypermarket «Summer»

Crossroads of the Ligovsky prospectus and Candle lane
the Crossroads of the Ligovsky prospectus and Candle lane.

Cruise liner
Cruise liner — a large object in height about the many-storeyed house!

Cruise liner

Small Neva
Small Neva. At the left — stadium «Petrovsky», directly — Tuchkov bridge, in the distance — Exchange bridge.

Maloohtinsky quay
Maloohtinsky quay.

Maloohtinsky quay

Maryinsky Theater Concert hall
Concert hall of Maryinsky Theater.

Mariinsky palace
Mariinsky palace and a part of Isaakievsky Square.

Meteor «Danae»
Meteor «Danae».

Moscow gate
Moscow gate.

Moscovsky 44
Moscovsky 44.

Navy Museum
Navy Museum.

Oil storage
Oil storage

Oil storage

Right coast of Neva
Right coast of Neva, the south of St.-Petersburg.

Right coast of Neva

Summer residence
Someone's summer residence.

Summer residence

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