House of P. I. Porshneva

House of P. I. Porshneva photo - St.-Petersburg
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10.10.2020  12:46

Former apartment building of Pelageya Ivanovna Porshneva, St. Petersburg, Chernaya Rechka embankment, 49. < a href=" /">1906 year of construction, engineer Manuil Alexandrovich Tseil.

House of P.I. Pisthnevoy
Another Porshnevoy apartment building is located nearby, at the embankment of the Chyornaya Rechka, 47. The same architect: engineer-technician M. A. Tseil.

By order of the KGIOP dated May 21, 2020, the houses are included in the unified state register as objects of cultural heritage of regional significance.

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photo near St.-Petersburg
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  • House of P. I. Porshneva
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