Cars LM-33/LP-33

Cars LM-33/LP-33 photo - Museum of Electric Transport
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In the early thirties of the XX-th century at designing of new cars of the raised capacity was the American car of firm «Peter Witt» is taken for a basis. These cars have received name MA (motor the American type) and the PAS (hook-on the American type), and people of Leningrad began to name their "Americans". Later with a view of struggle against cosmopolitism the tram name have changed on LM-33, and LP-33 (Leningrad motor 1933 year of working out).

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photo near Museum of Electric Transport
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Museum of electric transport, St.-Petersburg, Vasilevsky island, Middle avenue, 77. Retro trams and trolleybuses, history of electic transport of St.-Petersburg.


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