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Monument to Prince Alexander Nevsky
Monument to Prince Alexander Nevsky near the walls of the Virgin-Nativity Monastery.

 The letters I love Vladimir
The letters "I love Vladimir". I already have an extensive collection of similar letters by city Russia.

Monument to Andrei Rublev
Andrei Rublev Monument in the Pushkin park. Opened in August 1995 of the year to the 1000th anniversary of Vladimir . In the background - quite an interesting hut of the tourist center.

Monument to Prince Vladimir

Monument to Prince Vladimir on Pyatnitskaya Hill. Behind the monument is the reconstruction of the Pyatnitskaya Church (the temple of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa/Sign of the Lord).

Umbrella and pharmacist
Pharmacist sculpture near the Old Pharmacy Museum (a historic building of a pre-revolutionary pharmacy). Umbrella and bench are cool.

Vladimir, Georgievskaya street, 3.

Sculpture of an artist with an easel. As in Chelyabinsk, some bourgeois artist is also in beret.

Vladimir, a lookout at Georgievskaya Street. Georgievskaya street in Vladimir - the most interesting on nishtyak in the form of small urban sculptures. Almost like "Kirovka" in Chelyabinsk.

Flowerbed double bass
Flowerbed double bass. The end of October and flower bed faded. And in the summer there must have been beauty. On Georgievskaya street there are excellent lights installed - attractive aesthetically and sufficiently for illumination.

Drinking column
Drinking column is fantastic! Forged! For some reason, there are no such places in the cities of Russia in the center, and everywhere in Italy. Well, there is a hotter climate, of course.

Horseshoe for luck
Horseshoe for luck, bench lovers near the Borodins forge museum.

Borodin Museum-Forge

Sculpture "filler"

The area of ​​the city from Golden Gate to the Cathedral Square used to be called Shalopayevka, near the stalls and thieves hunted. A filer is a detective, an agent of the Security Department or the criminal-investigative police in Russia at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century, watching playing crap.

Sculpture "mischievous".

Sculpture "fire." In the background, near the part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a fire truck is installed on a pedestal

Cat scientist
Cat Scientist. And right now the owl will get on the forehead :)

Vladimirskaya cherry
Vladimir cherry - a symbol of fertility of the Vladimir region, an abundance of well-being and hospitality. The art object is set to 2014 to mark the revival of snow-white Vladimir gardens.

In the background - water-pressure (viewing) tower. In connection with the construction of the city water supply in 1868, this building was constructed according to the design of Carl Dill. The 1975 year opened the Old Vladimir exhibition - 3 floors of the exhibition, on the 4th floor - an observation deck.

Vladimir, Kozlov Val Street, 14.

Monument to provincial actors

The sculptural composition "lucky and unlucky" (provincial actors), sculptor Igor Chernoglazov. Opened for my arrival in September 2018 of the year.

Vladimir, Theater Square.

Virgin Mary
Statue of the Virgin Mary near the Catholic Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary. The rarest version in Russia - I have never seen such sculptures anywhere. In Italy and Spain - everywhere, in Russia - I came across for the first time.

Square with sculptures
Decorative group Element-94, address: Vladimir, square on Oktyabrsky Avenue.

Flowerbed in the form of an open book
Flowerbed in the form of an open book not far from the bust of Gogol on the eponymous boulevard.

Monument to Prince Vladimir and St. Fedor
Monument to Prince Vladimir and St. Fedor in the park named after A.S. Pushkin, installed in 2007 year.

Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square. The emperor Alexander II stood on a pedestal up to Lenin, the double-headed eagles were replaced with a hammer and sickle. Installed on July 5 1925 of the year (it’s necessary to scratch quickly!), in 1950 the original monument of the sculptor A. L. Kotikhin was replaced with a similar work of the sculptor Shilnikov.

The area before 1991 was called Liberty Square.

Monument in honor of the 850th anniversary of the founding of Vladimir
Monument in honor of the 850th anniversary of the founding of Vladimir, solemnly opened October 30 1969 of the year (then 1108 was considered the year of foundation).

Vladimir, Cathedral Square.

And once again monument to Alexander Nevsky.

Wolf and Dog
Wolf and Dog from the cartoon "Once upon a time a dog". The third option! Similarly met in Myshkin and Yaroslavl.

Baba Yaga at the gift shop
Baba Yaga at the gift shop. Category "catch addict" :)

Some senseless gigantism :) But the benches are comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

 The sculptural replica of an old bicycle
The sculptural replica of an old bicycle and a wagon. Well done owners of the place that adorn the streets. Well, self-promotion, of course, a bonus.

And another version of the mischief, since this part of the street is so called. Again, a nearby establishment got a warning.

 The letters I love Vladimir
The letters "I love Vladimir", night version.

There were not so many sculptural nishtyaks according to Vladimir, but they exist. It amazes me that not in all cities I meet small sculptures that are not monuments to anyone, but installed “just like that”.


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