Monuments and sculptures of Vologda

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Monuments and sculptures of Vologda, a small collection of photos.

Vologda railway station
Vologda Railway Station and the “I love Vologda” sign.

Anti-aircraft gun

85-mm anti-aircraft gun sample 1939 of the year on a pedestal - to commemorate the military merit of the soldiers of the Cherepovets-Vologda division Air Defense District.

The monument is open July 20 1984 years.

Monument to the poet N. M. Rubtsov
Monument to the poet N. M. Rubtsov, installed in the park near the house of Peter I June 26 1998 of the year. Author - A. M. Shebunin.

Copy of a gun of the XVIII century
A copy of an 18th century cannon near Peter I’s house, , was cast in 2017 year.

Monument to the liquidators of the consequences of radiation accidents
The Monument to the Elimination of the Effects of Radiation Accidents, opened November 30 2011 of the year.

 Sculpture at the Vologda Drama Theater
Sculpture at the Vologda Drama Theater halved tune ...

Monument to Lenin
Monument to Lenin in the children's park outside the Revolution Square, Vologda. The scale of Ilyich 1: 1, for which the people nicknamed "Little Lenin."

Monument to the heroes of the October Revolution and the Civil War
Monument to the heroes of the October Revolution and the Civil War 1918 of the year, Vologda, Revolution Square.
Installed November 6 1977 years, sculptors: Yu. I. Arkhipov, L. A. Arkhipov; Architect: V. S. Volonevich.
The people are called "tooth."

Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame, Vologda, Komsomol Square. In the background is the House of Trade Unions.

Monument to V. I. Lenin
Monument to V. I. Lenin in the alley along Victory Boulevard. The people - "Big Lenin", as opposed to "Little Lenin" in the park on Revolution Square.

Sculpture "bird-talker" funny, Vologda, Trade Square.
The author is Vologda blacksmith Artyom Marshak. Installed on June 28 2014 year. This date and a “gift to Vologda residents” are stamped on a pedestal.

Mongrel basking on the hatch

The architectural composition "Mongrel, basking on the hatch", address: Vologda, Trade Square (near Hotel" Palisad "). For some reason, I did not find a sculpture writing on a dog post. Either the sculpture is no longer there or was looking bad. In theory, she is somewhere near this dog.

Moneybox tree
Forged Apple Money Box on the Famous Mountain (near the Vologda Kremlin).
Alexander Chernov, Sergey Fominsky, Oleg Konin and Alexey Nikulin worked on the project for five years. As a tree, they chose an apple tree with liquid fruits, which symbolizes family values. In the trunk there are several holes for coins that fall into a large piggy bank. As the authors themselves say the project, before you drop the coin, you must make a wish. You can also sit under a wrought wood tree, a bench is arranged around the art object.
When the piggy bank has accumulated, it will open. But where to spend the funds raised, residents of Vologda will decide in an online survey.

Muse with pipe
Sculpture “Muse with pipe”, part of the composition of the monument to K. N. Batiushkov.

Monument to the poet K. N. Batiushkov
Monument to the poet K. N. Batiushkov, installed in 1987, to the bicentenary of the writer, architect V. Snegirev, sculptor V. Klykov.
Vologda, the Famous Mountain.

Sculpture "Nike" (Pallas Athena), part of the composition of the monument to KN Batiushkov.
Vologda, Famous mountain. View of the Church of St. John Chrysostom (Mironositskaya Church), built in 1664.

The letter O
Monument to the letter “O”, opened June 29 2012 year to the day of the city. The idea of ​​the monument belongs to the students of the Vologda Institute of Business and reflects the famous Vologda “okanie”.
And yes, from this angle the monument looks the most interesting :))
Address: Vologda, square on the Cathedral Hill.

 The letter O
The sculpture was not only praised by me :) Photos on the phone.

Forged bench
Forged bench “Let's sit and drink”, a gift from the blacksmiths to the city.
Well, guests Vologda and Vologda residents happily take pictures on this bench.

As I understood, after the installation, a harmony and a collection of poems with lines were added: “It is light in my room, it's from a night star. Mother will take a bucket, silently bring water ... ".

We will sit down and rest

Wooden mill
The wooden mill in the park on the Cathedral Hill of the children is wildly popular :) The art object "Wishing Mill". Quite a cool idea.

Door to ...
The art object "Door to ..." on the embankment of the river Vologda appeared September 6th 2014 of the year as part of the celebration my birthday of the “Voice of the Crafts” festival. A large wrought-iron door was installed at the intersection of Leningradskaya and Mayakovsky streets. The art object is decorated with images of goldfish, the sun, Vologda Kremlin.

Monument to St. Gerasim of Vologda
Monument to Rev. Gerasim of Vologda - the founder of Vologda.

Monument to the 800th anniversary of Vologda
Monument to the 800th anniversary of Vologda at the Lazy site, the place where the city was founded. Until 1936, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ stood on the Lazy Torgu.

Escape from Hell
Monument to the feat of Devyatayev, who hijacked a German bomber He-111 and with other prisoners escaped from a concentration camp on the island of Usedom.

Among the ten brave men was Vladimir Sokolov from Vologda. The monument was erected on May 6 2010 October Square Vologda.

Monument to cosmonaut Belyaev
Monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev,, a native of the North Dvina province (now Vologda).

Then there will be horror :)
Composition of animated characters
Composition of animated characters in October Square Vologda. Two crocodiles standing on a turtle and frogs next to the tulips. Now you have seen if not everything, then a lot!

Tulips and frogs
Tulips and frogs. From the adjacent clip: Children feeding penguins (Omsk)

Cook's figure
The chef-cheater figure suspiciously looks like an Italian :) How changed are Vologodians! :) well, and the arm is broken.

Wooden sculptures
Wooden sculptures.

Wooden sculptures

Wooden bear
The most carbon bear of Russia! : D

Monument to the cat
Tomb of an unknown cat :)

In fact, I couldn’t google what kind of art object it was.
Vologda pleased with the abundance of sculptures and monuments. The last two finished off at all :)


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