Irkutsk, the 130th quarter

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The 130th historical quarter of Irkutsk is bounded by Sedova Streets (formerly Verkhne-Baikalskaya or Letne-Baikalskaya, then Verkhne-Amurskaya and Sredne-Amurskaya - the summer route from Baikal), Kozhova (formerly Workshop) and July 3rd (formerly Zimne -Baikalskaya, Nizhne-Baikalskaya, then Nizhne-Amurskaya - winter road to Lake Baikal, which partially passed along the Angara ice). Two roads of the quarter, providing communication with Lake Baikal, were significant. There was an artisan settlement between these roads from time immemorial - artisans and petty bureaucracy settled here

From 2009 to 2011, large-scale work was carried out to restore the wooden houses of the quarter, part of the houses from other areas of the city were dismantled and moved to this quarter, some were done anew, which is why many are outraged and call the district “shanghai”.

Irkutsk, the 130th quarter
All houses are planned or rescheduled for shops, cafes, museums, souvenir shops, exhibition halls.

Irkutsk, the 130th quarter

Irkutsk, the 130th quarter
I meet this wolf in almost every city. It’s as if there’s nothing smarter than that.

Souvenir ranks
On the left are the shopping arcades and there is a peppy trade in Siberian wealth.

Zaku City
Choked with the name. Drug addicts! :)

Dovecote and commemorative plaque to playwright Vladimir Pavlovich Gurkin
Dovecote and commemorative plaque to playwright Vladimir Pavlovich Gurkin.

Irkutsk, the 130th quarter

View of the 130th quarter from the shopping center "Fashionable Quarter"
View of the 130th quarter from the shopping center "Fashionable Quarter".

130th quarter, st. Sedova, 24
130th quarter, st. Sedova, 24. A characteristic feature of the Irkutsk wooden architecture is such a ledge of the roof, in this case - a balcony.

Carved wooden dovecote
A carved wooden dovecote was built and donated to the city by the director of the GIPRODORNII.

Carved wooden house

Sculpture "Dog"
Sculpture "Dog" (Corgi), Irkutsk, 130th quarter. Sculptor: I. Stavsky.

Sculpture "Dog"

Charoite room

Charoite room, Gift shop (right). Irkutsk, 130th quarter, July 3, 15/1. Beautiful carved wooden house.

The name comes from the rare mineral with which the rooms are decorated. Charoite is mined in only one place on the planet - on the Char River in the north of the Irkutsk Region.

Museum "Window to Asia"
Window to Asia Museum, 130th quarter of Irkutsk. Street July 3, 21a. Residential building of the 1860s.

The letters "I love Irkutsk"
The letters "I love Irkutsk", the 130th quarter.

Sedova Street, Quarter 130
Sedova Street, on the left - the 130th quarter.

Irkutsk, 130th quarter, Sedova street, 20
Sedova street, 20.

Irkutsk, 130th quarter, Sedova 13 and 15 (1850-1890)
Sedova 13 and 15 (1850-1890).

To create such a quarter, the Irkutsk Sloboda Foundation was created, the funds spent were distributed as follows:
10% - budget funds
90% - private funds
September 14, 2011 on the day of the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the city of Irkutsk, the opening of the "Irkutsk Sloboda" took place, now every year on its territory celebrations are held in honor of City Day.

The project “130th quarter of the historical buildings of Irkutsk” took the second place in the rating “The Most Significant Architectural Projects in Russia for 2012”.
1st place - Bridge to Russky Island in Vladivostok
2nd place - 130th quarter

Wooden architecture is extremely difficult to preserve and restore, so I do not see anything wrong with such remakes. The main thing is a great place for the promenade of citizens, crowds of tourists, solid incomes for the city. And the quarter is known throughout the country!


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