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In Krasnoyarsk, as in Irkutsk, there are a lot of wooden mansions. Music School No. 5
Music School No. 5, Krasnoyarsk, ul. Decembrists, 22. The building was built in 1909–1911 (architect V. A. Sokolovsky, the same as the author of the Catholic church nearby). Presumably the house of clergy.

The former house of Sevastyanov

The former house of Sevastyanov, Krasnoyarsk, st. Karl Marx, 118 (architect - S. G. Drizhenko, the second floor was added by V. A. Sokolovsky). At present - the youth center for tourism and local history. Interestingly, Sevostyanova is written on a plate on the house - probably by mistake.

House Bazilevich
House Bazilevich, Krasnoyarsk, st. Lenin, 88. Behind him is the House of the philistine Volgang (86 Lenin St.), further - the House of the philistine OK Andreeva, st. Lenin, 84 (1911). Monuments of architecture.

Old wooden mansions along Weinbaum Street

Old wooden mansions on Veynbaum street, st. Lunin 67 and after him st. Weinbaum 32.

Old wooden houses on Weinbaum street
Old wooden houses on Weinbaum street.

Wooden merchant mansions

Kuskovy House
The Kuskovs House, first half of the 19th century. Krasnoyarsk, Karl Marx Street, 22.

House von Ezerski
House von Ezerskih, Krasnoyarsk, Karl Marx Street, 22.

Art Museum. V.I. Surikova
Art Museum. V.I. Surikov (the house of Vera Nikolaevna Gadalova - wife of the merchant of the first guild, philanthropist Pyotr Ivanovich Gadalov). Krasnoyarsk, st. Karl Marx, 36.

Former noble assembly building
The former building of the Noble Assembly, Krasnoyarsk, Prospekt Mira, 67. The building was built in 1854 - 1858 according to the design of the Decembrist G. S. Baten'kov. Wooden classicism is very rare. For the first time I saw such a miracle in Vologda.

There are a lot of old wooden houses in Krasnoyarsk, which is what I managed to get around one day. For good, you need to come to Krasnoyarsk for a week to inspect everything and go to the Krasnoyarsk pillars.


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