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Manor of a prosperous city dweller
The estate of a prosperous city dweller and a branch in Ulan-Ude of the Kyakhtinsky Museum of Local Lore named after Academician V. A. Obruchev, Sovetskaya St., 25 and 27.

Buddhist prayer drum Khurde

Buddhist prayer drum "Khurde" near the Buryat Academic Drama Theater. Passing by, you must definitely twist and make a wish / pray to yourself.

Manor Butyrina
Butyrina Manor, Ulan-Ude, Sobornaya street, 9 (Communist street, 5), a wooden carved house in 1874.

Cathedral Street
Sobornaya street - the historical district of Ulan-Ude is built up with old houses that are well restored.

In the distance is the Holy Hodegetria Cathedral, one of the first stone buildings of the city.

The estate of Black merchants
The estate of the merchants Chernykh, Ulan-Ude, Sobornaya street, 7b.

House of the estate of the merchant girl Chernykh, Sobornaya street, 7a
House of the estate of the merchants Chernykh, Sobornaya street, 7a.

Communist street
Communist street.
Carved wooden houses on Communist street, Ulan-Ude.

Carved wooden house, Communist street, 10
Communist street, 10.

Wooden house

Carved windows and shutters of a wooden house
The beauty!

Dugan "Mandala"

Dugan "Mandala" (Buddhist community), Ulan-Ude, Communist street, 17.

Manor of I.F. Goldobin
The estate of I.F. Goldobin.
The main house of the estate of the merchant I.F. Goldobin, ul. Lenin, 26a. Nowadays - the Museum of the History of the City of Ulan-Ude.

The building of the former postal and telegraph office

The building of the former postal and telegraph office, the end of the XIX century. Ulan-Ude, Nekrasov street, 20.

Brick and Wooden House
Brick and wooden house, Pochtamtskaya street, 3.

Wooden house
In the framework of the Green City project, flower beds were planted everywhere, trees were planted.


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