Irkutsk, wooden architecture

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Wooden owl
Wooden owl
Judging by the inscription on the pedestal - a gift to Irkutsk from the company STIHL.

Former Metropol Hotel

The former Metropol Hotel, opened October 1, 1899. Irkutsk, st. Marat, 70a.

Tourist centre
The tourist center is probably the most beautiful in Russia! Irkutsk, square named after Kirov.

The estate of Kalashnikov-Krylov
The estate of Kalashnikov-Krylov, Irkutsk, st. Drummer, 1.

Wooden house, Marat street, 66
Marat Street, 66.

Wooden houses
Wooden houses on the street of Marat.

Wooden house

Wooden houses, Sverdlova Street 11a and 11
Sverdlov Street 11a and 11.

Carved wooden house
The beauty!

Manor of Narvalova (?)
Manor of Narvalova (?), Marat, 24 (in the background), in the foreground - 26.

Wooden house, Russian street, 19

Russian street, 19.

Wooden house, Russian street, 19
Between the houses, as if another house was inserted.

Wooden House, 7/4 Worker Street
7/4 Workers' Street, outbuildings of the Znamensky Nunnery.

Wooden house, 3 Kalandarishvili street
Wooden house, 3 Kalandarishvili street.

Wooden house, Kalandarishvili street, 7
Wooden house, Kalandarishvili street, 7 (on the maps there is such a number, although on house 5a).

Wooden house, 17a Kalandarishvili street
Wooden house, 17a Kalandarishvili street, intersection with Zhelyabov street.

Charoite room
Charoite room, Gift shop. Irkutsk, 130th quarter, July 3, 15/1. Beautiful carved wooden house.

The name comes from the rare mineral with which the rooms are decorated. Charoite is mined in only one place on the planet - on the Char River in the north of the Irkutsk Region.

Museum "Window to Asia"
Window to Asia Museum, 130th quarter of Irkutsk. Street July 3, 21a. Residential building of the 1860s.

Sedova Street, Quarter 130
Sedova Street, on the left - the 130th quarter.

About the 130th quarter, a separate note, 19 photos.

It is a pity, of course, that I flew past the mansions of the Decembrists: Trubetskoy, Volkonsky.


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