Parade of ice breakers

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To discharge notes about a trip on Italy, I hasten to inform: on May, 3-4rd, 2014 in Petersburg have organised «Parade of ice breakers». Well, parade not parade — there have arrived 5 ships, 3 (Captain Zarubin, Mudjug and St.-Petersburg) have been moored at quay of Lieutenant Schmidt, 2 ice breakers at English quay.

Ice breakers Mudjug and St.-Petersburg
Ice breakers Mudjug and St.-Petersburg.

Ice breaker Captain Zarubin

The ice breaker Captain Zarubin

Blagoveshchensky bridge and ice breakers at English quay
Blagoveshchensky bridge and ice breakers at English quay.

On ice breakers started up, and there were turns at 2-3 o'clock, on an attestation of eyewitnesses. On mass-media there has passed the information that it will be possible to examine ice breaker all anyone.


Monument to Krusenstern
Monument to Krusenstern. Photo to a collection. And that how many time happened on this quay, the picture did not find time to make all.


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