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Since about 2010, various genre sculptures have been installed in different cities of Russia, for example, as on pedestrian streets Bolshaya Pokrovskaya in Nizhny Novgorod or Kirov street in Chelyabinsk. In Voronezh, mainly sculptures from the times of the USSR.

The monument to Peter I
The monument to Peter I is one of the symbols of Voronezh. The original monument was opened on August 30 1860 (sculptor A. E. Schwartz).
During the occupation of Voronezh by German troops, the sculpture was taken out for melting.
January 10 1956 the monument was reopened. The granite pedestal is original, and the sculpture was restored according to the surviving materials, but with changes (sculptor Nikolai Pavlovich Gavrilov and Gabriel Alexandrovich Schultz). The emperor in the form of the Preobrazhensky regiment leans on an anchor (stop-anchor), with his hand points to Azov, where, by the order of the autocrat, the fleet built in Voronezh was transferred. Voronezh is the cradle of the Russian fleet!

Lenin Square

Lenin Square. The central square of the city Voronezh. The original monument to Lenin was opened November 7 1940 (sculptor Nikolai Vasilyevich Tomsky). The monument was destroyed during the Nazi occupation, restored after the war with an exact copy of the original monument.

Technical University
Monument to V.I.Lenin near the Technical University in Voronezh.

Stella on Victory Square
Stella on Victory Square, opened in 1975 in honor of the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Monument on Victory Square
Monument on Victory Square.

Monument to the victims of the white terror
Monument to the victims of the white terror, Voronezh, Nadezhda square (Plekhanovskaya street ). In 1919, K. K. Mamontov's troops captured Voronezh and five people were executed at this place, the monument is erected in 1929 on the site of a mass grave.

Monument to Koltsov
Monument to Koltsov near the new Drama Theater. There is a story that a monument to Stalin was planned, but in Khrushchev's times it was converted into Koltsov.

Monument to Pyatnitsky
Monument to Pyatnitsky.

Monument to Pushkin
Monument to Pushkin in the park of the same name. Installed June 6 1999 for the 200th anniversary of the poet. Авторы — скульпторы И. П. Дикунов, Э. Н. Пак и архитектор Л. Яновский.

sculpture Bim
Near the Puppet Theater - the sculpture "Bim", the favorite of children.

Sculptures of fairy-tale heroes near the puppet theater

Sculptures of fairy-tale heroes near the puppet theater.

Horse Yaryzh
Horse Yaryzh
Horse Yaryzh near «Yar Hotel&SPA»
Horse Yaryzh near «Yar Hotel&SPA».

Monument to Ivan Nikitin
Monument to Ivan Nikitin.

Monument to Bunin
Monument to Ivan Buninin the park of the same name, opened in 1995. The installation of the sculpture marked the 125th anniversary of the birth of the writer, Nobel Prize winner, a native of Voronezh.

Steam locomotive-monument Er 762-91
Steam locomotive-monument Er 762-91.

Monument to Marshak
Monument to Marshak.

Bas-relief on the street Deputy. Stalin is holding a girl in his arms, in Khrushchev's times, Stalin was removed and the girl seemed to levitate.

«Healing chair»
«Healing chair» — funny modern art object.

Monument with the main character of the cartoon «Kitten from Lizyukov street»
«Kitten from Lizyukov street» — the most pleasant sculpture in the city.

For some reason, in my collection there is no monument to Chernyakhovsky on the station square, a monument to Platonov on Revolyutsii Avenue and a monument on the Chizhovsky bridgehead.


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