«Kirovka», Kirov street — the main pedestrian street of Chelyabinsk

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Kirovka, Kirov street is the main pedestrian street in Chelyabinsk. When the city authorities decided to make this street a pedestrian street, motorists became indignant, because it became more difficult to get to the Troitsky Bridge across the Miass River. But the townspeople only benefited from such a decision, and now it is the main walking place for townspeople and tourists. Policeman. The arch at the entrance to Kirovka from the side of Revolution Square is a copy of the arch that a hundred years ago met residents and guests of the city at the entrance to the Resettlement Point.


The sculpture "The Peasant and the Law" ("Walker") is located opposite the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region, the author is Konstantin Gilev. An illiterate peasant plays with letters. In the spine of an unfolded book there is a hole where people put their proposals on the legislative part, so that the sculpture has a practical purpose as well.

Sculpture "Saxophonist"

Sculpture " Fashionista " or "Coquette with a mirror" (author Alexander Zubov).

Near the oasis
Sculpture "Near the oasis" Or "camel driver"(by Aleksey Tishin), the symbol of Chelyabinsk is a camel, which is also depicted on the city's coat of arms. Once upon a time the Great Silk Road passed through these lands. Guests of Kirovka put coins in the boy's palm or pour seeds for birds and stroke a bronze bird sitting on his fingers.

Sculpture "Veteran ". Author - Maxim Salamasov. Grandpa looks at a monument to volunteer tankers standing opposite on the Walk of Fame.

Shoe shiner
Funny little sculpture "Shoe Shiner" - I love those.

Sculpture "Innkeeper"

Monument to Rosenbaum
Monument to Rosenbaum
The idea of ​​the monument to Rosenbaum belongs to the Chelyabinsk mayor Vyacheslav Tarasov, the sculpture is installed near the Military Commandant's office and is dedicated to all internationalist soldiers, the plane is a reference to the song "Black Tulip", as the planes that took out the dead in Afghanistan were called.

The author of the sculpture is A. Kokteev, the layout was made from photographs, moreover, Rosenbaum personally made adjustments to the shape of the guitar.



Sculpture " Beggar ".

Monument to volunteer tankers
Monument to volunteer tankers , Alley of Glory, adjacent to Kirov Street. Monument to tankmen of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps, formed in 1943 from volunteers from the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Molotovsk regions. From Myasnaya Square, where the monument now stands, on May 9, 1943, after hearing the order of the residents of the Chelyabinsk region "not to lower the honor of the Urals" and vowing to fulfill it, the soldiers and commanders of the 63rd Volunteer Tank Brigade went to the battlefield.

Zero verst
Zero verst - a stele crowned with a two-headed eagle. On the high-rise Chelyabinsk City in the background (Kirova st., 159) there is an observation deck. I just found out ... I'll have to come back :). I meet similar zero versts in different cities of Russia, and as a rule, Zero verst is located next to the main post office or in it (in Russia, distances are measured precisely from the main post office in the city). This skyscraper is popularly called “insulating tape”.

Monument to the postman
Monument to the postman at the Main Post Office. The author of the sculpture is Natalia Kulikova.

Kirova street
Kirov Street in Chelyabinsk is completely pedestrianized, and the charm is all lined with various small sculptures. The main idea is the same as in Nizhny Novgorod on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street

About bears

Panorama of Kirov street


Akhmetov's mansion

The text of the commemorative plaque: “The two-story mansion was built by the tradesman U. A. Akhmetov in 1878. An example of a wealthy Ural merchant house. On the first brick floor, the owner of the house housed dry goods and mosquito shops, as well as tea, coffee and sugar. Living rooms were located on the second wooden floor, decorated in the traditional Russian style with various carvings. Monument of history and culture ”.

Although Uldan Akhmetovich Akhmetov is mentioned on the memorial plaque, according to the research of Gayaz Khamitovich Samigulov, candidate of historical sciences, the building belonged to Zakir Galeevich Galeev.

The sculpture "Lefty" personifies the image of the Ural craftsman. In 2007. In a year, vandals Lefty sawed off his hand with a magnifying glass, after restoration, instead of a magnifying glass, an ordinary one was inserted, which is not now. Bloch's legs were gradually torn off, and then she herself.

Sculpture "Carrier". The author of the sculpture of the coachman is Igor Brunetkin, at this place, not far from the City Council, there was a permitted parking for cabs.

Sculpture Fashionista and a couple of young ladies :).

TV camera
Once there was such a booze and the whole "Kirovka" was studded with sculptures, then the local TV company "OTV" decided to promote itself.

Sculpture "Fireman".

Sculpture "Carriage and Page". Passers-by take pictures at each sculpture :) For memory!

Sculpture "Fox and Goose" at the entrance to the restaurant of the same name.


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