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The holiday of vegetable in Voronezh already regular, truth, the name in 2016 hardly has changed — there was «Voronezh — garden city».

Girl is photographed with pokemon Pikachu
Pokemon during that moment were on popularity peak, of game Pokemon GO.

Girl is photographed with pokemon Pikachu

Girl is photographed with pokemon Pikachu

Seller of sweet cotton wool
Near was trade of sweet cotton wool.

Coffee house
Coffee house with good and inexpensive coffee.

Van with fast food
Cool van of fast food stylised as American 50th years.

 Tent «not sausage.rf»
Tent with the amusing name «not sausage.rf».

Flower composition in the form of the reel
2016 has been declared by Year of Cinema.

Propylaea on entrance to exhibition
Propylaea on entrance to exhibition.

Girls paint a cow
Organizers have provided different entertainments for children — good fellows, really family holiday.

Company «Vkusnoteevo» exposition
Part of expositions has been organised by city, and part — the companies-sponsors.

Stylized clouds
Stylized clouds.

«Sberbank» exposition
«Sberbank» exposition.

Mult hero of flowers
Mult hero of flowers for children.

Inflatable boat with colours
Park «Dynamo» some years ago restore — established new lanterns, benches, cleaned channel.


Water-lilies of compact discs
Water-lilies of compact discs — cool, by the way, idea!

Flowers butterfly
Flowers butterfly.

Memorial of memory to defenders of Voronezh
Memorial of memory to defenders of Voronezh as have made presentable.

 Trade in clay hand-made toys
Trade in clay hand-made toys.

Swing of hay
Swing of hay.

Girl is photographed with a wooden movie camera
Girl photographed with a wooden movie camera.

Huge wooden starling house
Huge wooden starling house.


Allotment with cabbage
Allotment with cabbage. Modern children cabbage saw only in shop.

Goat and hens
Goat and hens — strange for the city child.

Goat and hens

Huge apple


Bench-wattle fence
Bench-wattle fence.

Mult hero Alyosha Popovich
Epic mult hero Alyosha Popovich.

Padded stools
Brilliant idea — to place padded stools for rest! The Exposition was huge.

Padded stools


Wall of roses
Wall of roses used wide popularity at young ladies!

Wall of roses
what turn wishing to be photographed!


Figure of the gnome
Figure of the gnome in a tiny garden.

Wooden figure of a dragon
Wooden figure of a dragon

Master cutting wooden figures
There for spectators the master with chainsaw made various figures.

Dirigible balloon and helicopter
Dirigible balloon and helicopter.


Girl and bell
How many at the little girl was pleasures!

 Tour d'Eiffel vhay
Tour d'Eiffel of hay.

Boat with flowers
One more boat with flowers.

Girls made selfie against a tops of vegetable
Girls made selfie against a tops of vegetable.

Clown in a suit of «Petrovsky» times
Clown in a suit ostensibly «Petrovsky» times.

Main exposition
Main and greatest exposition has been devoted the Russian cinema.

Exposition in honour of a year of the Russian cinema

Huge reel

Series «different people»
Series «different people».


Photo for memory
Photo for memory.

 Tent of organizers
Tent of organizers.

Animals in cages
Animals in cages. Children could stroke everyone.

Animals in cages

Cinema open-air
the very abruptly stylised cinema open-air. Cool design!

Masha and Bear
Masha and Bear.


This time the exhibition was much more scale and perfectly organised. I hope next exhibitions will be even better.


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