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After returning from Siberia, I took a couple of weeks of rest in Voronezh, which had the opportunity to walk.

Fountain on Sovetskaya Square
A fountain was reconstructed on the Sovetskaya Square and a multi-colored backlighting was painted on it. Now, the previously deserted square, in the evenings filled with citizens.

Children in the fountain

Children in the fountain
Well, in the fountain sports children.

Beit Hava
Beit Hava - Jewish Community, Voronezh, Stankevich Street, 6. The building was built in 1899 - 1902 years under the project of the Voronezh architect, Catholic by religion, S. L. Myslovsky at the expense of the Jewish community of the city. The building was designed in eclectic style with Moorish motifs.

Bolshaya Streletskaya street
Old wooden houses along Bolshaya Streletskaya street, 88 and neighboring Rabkovsky the lane.

University Square
University Square (popularly Chupa-Chups Square). Cretins want to dismantle this beauty .. Such a gorgeous monument to the era of the 80s.

Modern townhouse
The meaning of the arch above the roof is extremely interesting. St. Platonov, 19

Monument to Bunin
Monument to Ivan Bunin in the square of the same name, opened in 1995 The installation of the sculpture marked the 125th anniversary of the birth of the writer, Nobel laureate, native of Voronezh. The author of the monument is Moscow sculptor A. N. Burganov.

House Yu. V. Shvedchenko
House Yu. V. Shvedchenko (1906 year of construction, rebuilt in 1927 - 1928 years), Voronezh, ul . Dzerzhinsky, 16.

Koltsovsky Square
Koltsovsky Square with a powerful jerk breaks out into the world leaders in the Most Webeans nomination Benches. What asshole designed? I myself would have sat down. True, in Ufa I got an even more catchy version.
Well, it is very cool, I remember very well broken lights and rare trash cans.

Sphinxes on the street

Sphinxes at the Voronezh Regional Philharmonic Society.

About the little cock
A very funny little whelp sits at Proletary Cinema, Voronezh. More such sculptures.

Barefoot childhood
Barefoot childhood. One of the best photos for the year.

Special thanks
Voronezh, Petrovsky Square. : D

Locomotive-monument Er 762-91
Locomotive-monument Er 762-91 1951 of production year, written off in 2009 , installed in the Privokzalny Square near the Voronezh-1 railway station in March 2014 of the year. Solemnly opened on June 5 2015 years on the opening day of the third Platonov Festival.

The words from the novel “Chevengur” are stamped on the commemorative plaque:
“Through the sleepy, windless rain, something sullenly and sadly sang — so far that where it sang probably did not rain and it was day. Zakhar Pavlovich immediately forgot the birth, and the rain and hunger - and got up. It was a distant machine, a lively working steam locomotive. ”

On the left on the tracks is preparing to send a double-decker Voronezh - Moscow.

"Rotunda" is a round part of the demonstration surgical hall of the regional hospital, blown up during World War II, left in ruined form as a monument. In the background - the Church of Vladimir Ravno apostles.

Voronezh, Transport Square at the intersection of Transportnaya and Burdenko streets.

Robot from auto parts. Nearby car shop pinned :) Well done what!

House of Bartholomew Snopov
House of Bartholomew Snopov 1903 - 1905 of the year of construction, an object of cultural heritage.

Voronezh, ul. 20 years of the Komsomol, 40.

Ship Moskvich-57
Ship "Moskvich-57", old man, 1951 year built. It's a pity the handsome man is preserved.

Ship Moscow-16
The cruise ship" Moscow-16 "returns to the pier. The ship is not young, 1973 of the year of construction.

About the wedding/a>
About the wedding

The building of the burgher's police unit
The building of the burgher's police unit, Voronezh, ul. Karl Marx, 32. Building 1825 of the year of construction, there was a fire brigade with the police, so there is a fire tower above the building. The only surviving police building of the three, built in 1825.

Stone bridge
Stone bridge, one of the symbols of the city. Cretins in the reconstruction of the bridge forged lattice replaced brickwork. But at least the lanterns are not pissed away, they are like an example of what they should be, and the tendency in most Russian cities is to install small lanterns, from which there is not enough light, and they look defective.

Former building oblpotrebsoyuza
Former building of the regional consumer union, Voronezh, ul. Friedrich Engels, 56 (at the intersection with Plekhanovskaya).

Marshak's Monument
Monument of S. Ya. Marshak in the square of the same name near the house Karl Marx street, 72, where the poet lived.

The photo was taken for the sake of sunflower, from which I was terribly mad :)

Building of the Hotel Voishchev
Building of the Hotel Voishchev, Sredne-Moskovskaya Str., 10. Pleasant antiquity of the middle of the XIX century with elements of Russian style and eclecticism, recently renovated.

 Old wooden house with a thread
Old wooden house with a thread.

 Old wooden house

Eh, sorry a bit blurred ...

Peace Square
Peace Square.

House of Communication
House of Communication, constructivism 1934 of the year of construction, architect A. S. Gintsberg. I was surprised to learn that this is a pre-war building.

Concert on Sovetskaya Square
Concerts of some choirs were held on Sovetskaya Square, the aunts danced :)

Concert on Soviet Square

For some reason this bas-relief in Stalin is very amusing on October 25th Street, 50. And then the still-life turned up :)

Proletary Cinema
Proletary Cinema, or Proletka in the people.

That's what I understand the SUV! And not these your Gelendvageny.

 Old merchant houses on Platonov Street
Old merchant houses on Platonov Street, houses 3 and 5.

Semi-wooden carved house
Semi-wooden carved house.

Double open jeep
And in Voronezh amazing cars can come across.

Graffiti near the bar, pictures by Vasi Lozhkin
Graffiti near the bar, pictures by Vasi Lozhkin. Interesting, the author is up to date? :)

Walking around Voronezh, I managed to click on the “Eiffel Tower”, and in my maps on the phone it was marked with a marker. Eh ... Well, another time. The thing is, I certainly dream of getting to Paris, the Chelyabinsk Region, and checking out the Rostelecom Efele Tower there.


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