Locomotive-monument Er 762-91

Locomotive-monument Er 762-91 photo - Voronezh
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19.08.2018  15:04

Locomotive-monument Er 762-91 1951 production year, written off in 2009, installed in Privokzalnom square near the railway station Voronezh-1 March 2014 of the year. Solemnly opened on June 5 2015 of the year on the opening day of the third Platonov Festival.

On the commemorative plaque, words from the novel “Chevengur” are stamped:
“Through the sleepy, the windless rain something sullenly sullenly and sadly sang - so far that where it sang on It was black, there was no rain and there was a day. Zakhar Pavlovich immediately forgot the bobber, and the rain and hunger - and got up. It was the sound of a distant machine, a lively working steam locomotive. "

Left on the tracks, a two-deck train is being prepared for dispatch Voronezh - Moscow.

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