Voronezh, balloons competition

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8th of September, 2015 on Admiralty Square in Voronezh start of balloons has been planned . Competition has been spent next day in the country near city.

Admiralty Square, aeronauts
Admiralty Square, aeronauts.

Balloons competition

At first, balloons put on the ground
At first balloon put on the ground.

Aeronauts laying a cover
Aeronauts laying a cover of balloon.

Selfie with a balloon
Spectators, in the meantime, made selfie.

When still such action you will see? It is necessary to be photographed.

Filling of a sphere by air

Further, all is simple: the sphere spread out on the ground, by means of the powerful fan filling air, and then air heats up a gas torch and rises.

Balloon sphere
Balloon sphere, view inside.

Sphere warming up before lifting
Sphere warming up before lifting.

Sphere warming up before lifting

Filling of a sphere by air
Filling of a sphere by air.

Filling of a sphere by air

Selfie with a balloon
Spectators photograph selfie.

Heating of a balloon sphere

Spectators photographed on all devices: phones, tablets, GoPro, videocameras, DSLR.

Spectators and a balloon
It's interesting, what there inside?

Aeronauts have pulled hard on a sphere basket that that has not departed
Aeronauts have pulled hard on a sphere basket that it has not departed.

Photo with a balloon basket

Balloon lifting
Balloon lifting.

Selfie with a balloon
Selfi with a balloon. The special method :)

Balloon lifting
Balloon lifting.

Aeronauts straighten a balloon cover
Aeronauts straighten a balloon cover.

Balloon warming up
Balloon warming up.

«Firmament of Belogorja»

Balloon command «Firmament of Belogorja» from Belgorod.

But, the wind has not allowed to start. Aeronauts tried to lift balloons, but have refused this invention and were curtailed. Some, especially artful, even did not begin to try. This day action was curtailed without success, next day all has passed successfully, but was already in the country where I have not gone.


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