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Avenue of Koltsovsky square
in Voronezh the authorities have considerably improved Koltsovsky square, have restored lanterns, have put benches. Even any art signs have established.

Summer avenue of Koltsovsky square

Avenue of Koltsovsky square

Vanguard installation
Doubtful vanguard installation, but though so.

Cinema «Proletarian»
Cinema «Proletarian».

Monument to Ivan Nikitin
Monument to the Voronezh poet Ivan Nikitin near the cinema «Proletarian».

Hinged street lantern
Six-lantern street illumination.

Sleeping people
Two photo with an interval 1 minute.

Having a rest on a bench, the Revolution avenue

Revolution Prospectus
View of the Revolution prospectus, the main street of Voronezh.

Old and new
Old rusty street mail boxes and new buildings.

Ancient merchant private residence
Ancient merchant private residence with elements of Neorussian architecture and prom-architecture.

Building of OblPotrebSojuz
Building of OblPotrebSojuz, nowadays GlavKadastr (street of Friedrich Engels, 56).

Cinema «Spartak»
Cinema «Spartak».

Dramatic theatre
Dramatic theatre.

 Old building
Old building behind a cinema «Proletarian».

Puppet theatre
Puppet theatre.

Sculptures of fantastic heroes near puppet theatre
Sculptures of fantastic heroes near puppet theatre.


And still an example of ugly balconies.

 The House of Children and creativity
House of Children and creativity with the broken approaches.

 The House of Children and creativity

Private house
Attractive private house on any very interesting brick basis. It is a pity that it is spoilt by plastic windows and a siding, but the former beauty is looked through.

Wooden private house
Small pleasant wooden private house.

Plaster duck
Plaster duck. Suddenly.

Private house

Private house
Improbable beauty of the wooden house with carved platbands мудачьё has put a brick.

Private city part

Wooden sidewalk

Cool motorcycle on a facade of shop of the motor-goods.

Military-historical museum
Military-historical museum. Judging by architecture in girlhood it there was an arena.

Pre-war buildings
Pre-war buildings in the street Stepan Razin. Such artefacts across Voronezh are rare, since war has walked through Voronezh the tank.

Inscription from flouwers
On an inscription arises one: yes it is fine!

 Old merchant small house
Pleasant old merchant small house with a turret.

Monument to Peter I
Monument to Peter I.

Flight of engineering thought
Flight of engineering thought, architecture miracles.

Eternal fire and a monument fallen on the Victory square
Eternal fire and a monument fallen on the Victory square.

Boutique signboard «Club of tramps»

Statue likely antique
Venus was inclined over a church dome.

Small street of Voronezh
Small street of Voronezh.

 Old fountain
Broken old fountain of Soviet period. Somewhere since the USSR times and not working.

Private sector
Private sector.

Pokrovskaya church
Pokrovskaya church.

Monument of Koltsov
Local tale that Koltsov in the project was Stalin, but during Khruschev`s times has been modernised in the poet.

Reflections in cafe windows

Attractive turret
Building of 1950s with an attractive turret.

Star Avenue
Star Avenue :)

«Hairy» wall
«Hairy» wall, amusing Voronezh sight.

Hotel «Bristol»
Hotel «Bristol», smart baroque! Perhaps, the most beautiful building in Voronezh.

Bim at Puppet theatre
Bim at Puppet theatre — the favourite of children, with injured palms to shine a nose and ears.

Building of Centertelekom
Bilding of Centertelekom or how to spoil a building by conditioning.

Building of the Regional administration
Building of the Regional administration is too is spoilt by conditioning. And bushes pleasant, it was easier earlier, are now more beautifully cut.

Citizen has a rest in shaddow
Citizen has a rest in shaddow in square behind a regional administration building.

«Medical chair»
«Medical chair» — amusing modern art object. It is more than the such!

Flower bed
Flower bed. In general square very pleasant and, as a rule, poorly populated — townspeople prefer the next Koltsovsky square, thanks to presence there a fountain.

Modern hotel
Modern building.

 Traffic sign
Slightly embellished traffic sign :)

Show-window of shop 585
Would be desirable to ask the designer at what here the arms of the USSR. A riddle.

Index in a shod frame
Cool shod frame of the index on the house with the historical name and modern. It is a pity that have not renamed backwards in 90.

Shop show-window
And that, quite good idea!

Cafe Signboard
It is interesting that was put in the turned symbol of Euro in the dining room name. The European restaurant prices? :)


Company «I Smoke when I drink»
Rubrika Etapjat!

Indexes on the house
3 epoch in one photo :) That`s all!


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