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Monument to the exploits of the gunners
The monument to the exploits of the gunners - a 122-mm howitzer of the sample of 1938 (M-30) on a pedestal. In the people - "cannon", "at the cannon."

Monument of combat and labor valor of Bryantsev

Monument to the military and labor prowess of the Bryants on Pokrovskaya Mountain. In the people - "five to two." There is an opinion that the sculpture of a woman at the head of the stele was molded from the former chairman of the city executive committee Domna Komarova.

Monument to the warrior monk Alexander Peresvet and the narrator Boyan
Monument to the warrior-monk Alexander Peresvet and the narrator Boyan on Pokrovskaya mountain.

Alexander Peresvet - the legendary monk-warrior, monk of the Trinity-Sergievsky monastery. Together with Rodion Oslyabye participated in the Kulikovo battle and fought in combat before the main battle of the hero Chelubey, dying at the same time himself.

Boyan (Bayan) is an old Russian singer and narrator, “song-maker”, character of the Lay of Igor.

Monument to the warrior-monk Peresvet and the narrator Boyan

Guns of the Bryansk Arsenal
Guns Bryansk Arsenal.

Tomb of the revolutionary Ignat Fokin
The grave of the revolutionary Ignat Fokin, Semenovskiy Square, Bryansk.

During the war years, the Germans removed the slab and brought it to Germany. In 1947, a memorial plate was discovered at a factory in the town of Shebenek (Germany) and sent to Bryansk, where it was put in its original place.

Memorial complex of military and partisan glory
The memorial complex of military and partisan glory on Partizan Square.

Monument to the dead policemen
Monument to the dead police officers near the prosecutor's office of the Soviet area.

Monument Tyutchev
Monument Tyutchev near Tyutchevsky Square.

The monument was opened on July 27, 2003 (the 130th anniversary of Tyutchev's death). The sculptor is the honored artist of the Russian Federation A.N. Kovalchuk, the architect is the main architect of the Bryansk region A.V. Petrov.
A sculpture with a height of 3.9 m and a weight of 3 tons was cast in Minsk.
The poet is depicted in a road suit, with a cane and a hat in his hands. The pedestal is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting places that were associated with the life and work of Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev - his native village Ovstug, Munich, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Monument to V.I. Lenin
Monument Lenin on the eponymous square. Monument opened in 1970. Sculptor I. M. Rukavishnikov, architect M. M. Volkov.


As I understand it, owl dressed up for winter and New Year :) Well done what!

Monument to Yuri Gagarin
The monument to Yuri Gagarin was installed recently - in 2014 on Cosmonautics Day. The monument conveys the real situation, which was recreated through the April 1961 video chronicle, namely, the meeting of Yuri Gagarin at the Moscow Vnukovo airport after his return from space. In the same place the lace untied appears.

Bust of Alexei Tolstoy
Bust of Alexei Konstantinovich Tolstoy in the Park-Museum named after him.

Partizan and bunnies
Partizan and bunnies ! How I laughed at it. The park-museum named after A. Tolstoy, there are a lot of similar sculptures there.

Cashier Park Museum
Cashier Park Museum
What a beauty! Here, too, guards the partisans. And cat!

Cat carved sculpture

Flute player
Playing the flute.

Wood sculpture

Wooden sculptures

Wood sculpture

Heron and Hippo
Heron and hippo.

Hippo is very funny :)

Wooden sculptures
Probably from the fairy tale "1000 and 1 night." In this park, most of the sculptures on a fabulous theme.

Owl and Baba Yaga
Owl and Baba Yaga.

Mill Fountain
Fountain with a water mill. In the summer there should be gorgeous. If the snow was smaller, then you could see the cat.

V.I. Lenin and A.M. Gorky
The sculptural group " V.I. Lenin and A.M. Gorky ", opened, like many, in the jubilee 1970. Bryansk, the intersection of Karl Marx and Gorky, in front of the Theater of the Young Spectator.

Monument Peresvet
Monument Peresvet - a warrior-monk from the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the hero of the Battle of Kulikovo.

Monument to the victims of Chernobyl
Monument to the victims of Chernobyl. According to the author’s idea, the globe is almost 6 meters in diameter with a crack, next to it is a crippled tree. The author of the monument is sculptor Alexander Romashevsky. Bottom and inside the ball is highlighted in orange light. The monument was opened on April 26, 2006, on the twentieth anniversary of the accident. Trees planted around symbolize the continuation of life.

Military Glory Square
Square of Military Glory with the monument of the same name. Similar installed in cities with such a title, for example in Novgorod.

Bas-reliefs with a history of battles
Bas-reliefs with a history of battles.

Mound of Immortality
The Immortal Mound is a 12 meter high mound with an obelisk. It was built in 1967 by members of the Komsomol and the youth of Bryansk on the 50th anniversary of the Komsomol.

Bryansk, Recreation Park "Nightingales".

Monument to Volodarsky
Monument to Volodarsky near the Salyut cinema.

Monument to Pushkin
The monument to Pushkin, established on November 6, 1959 .

Monument "Goddess Nika", near the house 3 on Nikitin Street).

Monument to V.I. Lenin
Monument in. I. Lenin in the eponymous square.

Locomotive-monument Er 787-70 and railway workers
Locomotive-monument Er 787-70 and railway workers (driver, assistant driver and fireman). The engine was installed in 2005, and the sculptures - seven years later, in 2012 . In the post-war form of railway workers everything is taken into account, even portrait resemblance. The prototype of the assistant driver was the Hero of Socialist Labor Viktor F. Tsykunov.

Monument to V.I. Lenin in front of the station
Monument in. I. Lenin in front of the station of Bryansk.

LED matryoshka
I was in Bryansk on New Year's holidays, the city was decorated, for example, with such LED matryoshkas.

Laugh from the clock face.

Bust Emlyutina
Bust Emlyutina.

Monument to soldiers-internationalists
Monument to soldiers-internationalists who fell in Afghanistan, Dagestan and Chechnya.

Griffins near the jewelry store.

Monument to the conquerors of space
Monument to the conquerors of space. Yes, snow piled a lot, winter is very snowy.

Goats. Postcard some :)

Bear.This is a sculpture at one of the playgrounds.

Knight's figure in the Park Youth.

In Bryansk, excellent landscaped parks. The most chic ones are “Youth” and the A. Tolstoy Museum-Park.

Stele labor valor of the area
Stele labor valor of the area, Square them.

Although small, there are quite a lot of monuments and sculptures.


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