Tomb of the revolutionary Ignat Fokin

Tomb of the revolutionary Ignat Fokin photo - Bryansk
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05.01.2019  09:05

The grave of the revolutionary Ignat Fokin, Semenov Square, Bryansk.

During the war years, the Germans removed the slab and brought it to Germany. In 1947, a memorial plate was found at a plant in the town of Shebenek (Germany) and sent to Bryansk, where it was put in its original place.

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photo near Bryansk
  • Monument of combat and labor valor of Bryansk peoples
  • Monument to the warrior monk Alexander Peresvet and the narrator Boyan
  • Tomb of the revolutionary Ignat Fokin
  • Monument to st. Peter and Fevronia
  • City House of Culture of the Soviet District

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