Monument to the crew of the cruiser «Kirov»

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Monument to the crew of the cruiser «Kirov» and all the Baltic sailors.

Monument to the crew of the cruiser Kirov photo - Details

he propeller of the cruiser Kirov
The propeller.

he propeller of the cruiser Kirov
The second is set symmetrically.

wo of his bow 180 mm three-gun artillery turrets MK-3-180
Two of his bow 180-mm three-gun artillery towers MK-3-180.


There is a tradition in the navy to throw wreaths into the sea at the place where the ship died.

Anchor of the cruiser
Anchor of the cruiser "Kirov".

Main battery guns of the cruiser Kirov
After being expelled in 1974 from the fleet of the cruiser Kirov, the ship was scrapped , but in September 30 1990 the guns of the cruiser were installed on the Baltic Fleet Square, in honor of the cruiser crew and all the sailors of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet who valiantly defended Leningrad (architects M.V. Kruglov, V.N.Sokolov, A. B. Korolkov, V. A. Reppo).

Personally, I am very sorry that such valiant ships as the cruiser Kirov and the battleship Sevastopol were not preserved, and museums were not made of them.

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