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Notes in blog, seria «Isaakievsky square» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 1 pix

Isaakievsky square — the town-planning formation most later — in system of ensemble of central squares. Definitively the — Idea of its device was generated — in the beginning of XX century S.I.Chevakinsky still in 1762

In 1760 here is put forward th years building of the Isaakievsky cathedral under the project architect has begun. A.Rinaldi. Has completed a cathedral in 18001801 architect V.F.Brenna. The architecture of a building did not answer importance of its site­, and the cathedral has been erected anew with use of parts of an old — building.

Raznomasshtabnost of the buildings forming the area, and their stylistic — variety reduce art value of an architectural ensemble — of the area.

Isaakievsky square shares on two appreciable parts — to the south and to the north of the — Big Sea street (Herzen`s street at the USSR), crossing the area from the east on the West. Southern — — before the Mariinsky palace with monument to Nikolay I in the centre. It is made, in particular, by a surface of the widest in a city (99) bridges through the Moyka (V.I.Geste, 1818). This part of the area flankingся symmetric facades of buildings of scientific institutes of Academy of agricultural — sciences. They, as well as a facade of the Mariinsky palace, are created in receptions of style of the Renaissance. At a palace the Voznesensky avenue of Majorova and the Pea street which corners on Moyka quay are fixed offsetting with each other by buildings which in 1950 th has built on two floors disperse — and reconstructed in the spirit of classicism architect V.A.Matveev. This part of the area basically was generated — in the middle of XIX century and differs architectural unity.

northern part of the area before the Isaakievsky cathedral with parter square in the middle constructed buildings, various on architecture and scale. The largest and appreciable of them represent character of architecture of the beginning of XX century (hotel «Astoria», a building of Hydrographic — management). Only square gardening softens architectural — diversity of building.


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