Football fans

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Brazilian football fan
Brazilian fan.

Tank crews

Football fan from South America in helmet
Tankmen :)

Football fans from Mexico
Fans from Mexico.

Tourists from China
Tourists from China often go with umbrellas. They now have fashion - a complete lack of tanning.

Foreign football fans
Foreign fans.

Mexican football fans
Mexicans in sambrero are very positive guys! Yes, in general, the fans who came to the World Cup are very funny guys.

Football fans from Brazil and Uruguay
Fans from Brazil and Uruguay are photographed against the backdrop of the Winter Palace .

Real Madrid fan
Real Madrid fan.

he Chinese are taking pictures with mongering Peter and Catherine
The Chinese (?) Are photographed with the mummers of Peter and Catherine.

German football team fans
Fans of the German national team.

n John's Bridge
Fans who came to the World Cup in Russia were scared at first, but quickly let everyone go. And as a result of whom I meet - very positive guys!

Football fans on the Segways

Man on Segway Fan with a Selfie Stick

Man on Segway Fan with a Selfie Stick.

Football fans are photographed with a cartoon horse and bear
Fans are photographed with a cartoon horse and bear

Football fans of Colombia and Iran
Fans of Colombia and Iran, a joint photo.

Russian football fans. Как же без них? How without them?

Fan of the Russian team photo - FIFA World Cup 2018
In a jacket, cap with a cockade and the imperial flag!

Belgian football fan and Mexican fan photos - 2018 FIFA World Cup
Belgian football fan and fan from Mexico.


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