Completion of the World Cup. Moscow

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Russian fan
At first, I met this positive uncle dancing to the music of Brazilian fans playing on the street, then I ran into it again on the way to Nikolskaya Street - the place of the main festival of the world championship.

Russian and Brazilian fans

Football fans


Fan with a girl
Fan with a girl

Fans and police
Football fans and policemen - a joint photo .

Russian fans
Russian football fans. Hit of the season - kokoshniki!

Brazilian fans
Fans of the Brazilian national football team on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow celebrating the completion of the 2018 World Cup.

Girls take pictures with a French fan
Girls are photographed with a French fan.


Brazilian football fans
The mowed-in inch square was a ditch!

Russian cheerleaders
Russian fans with a T-shirt with a thank-you note: “Thank you, football fans, for not being afraid to come to Russia!”: D

Nikolskaya Street celebrates the completion of the 2018 World Cup
On Nikolskaya street it was unpolluted. And it is 2 in the morning!

Girls sting selfies with a foreign fan
Girls gash Girls take pictures with Egyptians
Girls are photographed with the Egyptians. Thank you for the kind words on the poster! Come again :)

Fans from Peru
Football fans from Peru.

Memory photo with Brazilians
With foreign fans, especially with exotic Brazilians, Mexicans, Peruvians, everybody wanted to take pictures.

Girl and Mexican in sambrero
The girl and the Mexican in sambrero. Hi Yes :)

Belgian in a paper box
Belgian (?) In a paper box.

Princess! Beauty Nikolskaya!

Mexicans with the French
Mexicans with the French (championship winners) are photographed on Red Square.

Jews with a flag
Suddenly! Everywhere are our people!

General view of Red Square with celebrating football fans
General view of Red Square with celebrating football fans.

A fan in an army coat and earflaps
A fan in the army coat and earflaps. From zhezh uporotyh!

Peruvians dragged on some song, ours surrounded the ring with interest.

Mexican Ushanka
Mexican (?) In a hat.

Russian fans, photo on memory
Russian fans, a photo for memory.

Russian fans
The frame on the left of some clearly bomzhevaty type, but with a flag - somewhere they got hold of.

Young ladies gash off selfies.
Mundial world championship, and self - holy!

I did not expect that the fans who came to Russia for the World Cup will be such fun and positive guys. And what he saw in St. Petersburg and Moscow . The very first who came to us were frightened - Mordor, GULAG, NKVD. But they quickly let go and the fans realized that drunken bears with balalaikas do not walk along the streets, they don’t beat anyone for nothing, they don’t throw them into the Lubyanka dungeons.

While walking along Nikolskaya, 3 underdog foreigners are suited:
- Where are you from?
- Russia.
- Ooo, Russia! (and let's hug)

A young man (obviously Russian) accidentally pushes me through the crowd and right there: Sorry.

And, probably, the most wonderful thing was to go to Moscow on the train during a football match - the Internet was lousy though, but I watched the match on the laptop through the mobile Internet, while our improvised cinema also gathered at the improvised cinema Peruvians.


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