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A large number of photographs of landmarks and buildings of different architectural styles have accumulated from trips to Russia . There are also Empire .

St. Petersburg

Moscow gate
Moscow gates in a festive decoration.

Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic

The Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic on Marat Street (formerly St. Nicholas Church, which is noticeable in architecture).

Trinity Cathedral of the Izmailovo Regiment
Trinity Cathedral of the Izmailovo Regiment

Trinity Izmailovsky Cathedral
Trinity Izmailovsky Cathedral

House Voroshilov shooters
The house of Voroshilov shooters, or the House of the Red Commanders, Tver, Stepan Razin Embankment, 2. The building was built in 1935 according to the design of the architect V. Anfyorov.

Government building of the Novgorod region
The building of the Government of the Novgorod region, the City Council, the electoral commission and other authorities. Victory Square (Sophia), 1, Veliky Novgorod .

Chamber Hall Philharmonic
Novosibirsk Chamber Philharmonic Hall, a pleasant Stalinist Empire. The building is known by the people as the “House of Lenin”, the city authorities decided to perpetuate Lenin’s memory and build a memorial house, which was realized in 1924–1926 . The gable was decorated with the inscription “Lenin died. Leninism is alive. 1870-1924 ", but, unfortunately, not preserved.

Novosibirsk, Krasny Prospect, house number 32.

Provincial market
The provincial market is a historical building in the style of Stalinist classicism, Samara .

House of Specialists
House of Specialists
This house was intended for party nomenclature, drummers production, senior commanders and artists. Construction of the house began in 1933 and it was planned to complete the construction in a year, but the house was commissioned only in 1937 . The material for the building was the brick of the Resurrection Cathedral demolished in 1931-1932, which stood on the site of the Bashkir Academic Drama Theater .

Altai Regional Court
Altai Regional Court ( Barnaul, International ul. 57/25), in the middle of the avenue - a monument to Lenin. In Soviet times, this building was a local governor, and therefore the emblem of the USSR under the roof and the pompous Stalinist architecture.

Faculty of Russian Philology and National Culture of RSU

The faculty of Russian philology and national culture of RSU, the building was built in the 60s of the XX century, originally - the house of political education. Ryazan .

Regional Administration Building
The building of the regional administration on the central square of Smolensk and (suddenly) a monument to Lenin on Lenin Square (in general, unexpectedly). Please note that the monument is not installed symmetrically with respect to the facade (something went wrong).

City House of Culture of the Soviet District
City House of Culture of the Soviet District - until 1913, the state male gymnasium. Probably after the war, much rebuilt in the Empire. Bryansk .

Bryansk city drama theater
Bryansk City Drama Theater named after A. Tolstoy. Bryansk , Fokina, 26.

Theater of the Young Spectator
Theater of the Young Spectator, Bryansk, ul. Gorky, 20. Initially, since 1960 - the Palace of Pioneers, in 1980 transferred to the theater.

A collection of photos by Empire architecture style will be updated!


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