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Old wooden house
An old wooden house with a turret and chic carved platbands on the windows is the main house of the Bukhartovsky estate, address: Ufa, st. Aksakova, 48.

Old wooden house with carvings

Old wooden house with carvings.

Old wooden house with carvings, Communist, 42 / Gogol, 54.
Old wooden house with carvings, Communist, 42 / Gogol, 54.

Old wooden house
Old wooden house, Gogol, 77/1.

Old wooden house
Nearby is another nice house.

Resurrection Mansion
Resurrection Mansion, Ufa, st. Dostoevsky, 54/1. Built in the late 1890s.

House of the Yellows
The former house of the Zheltoukhovs, Ufa, st. Tsyurupy, 54.

House of Porfiry Surkov
House of Porfiry Surkov, the quarter "Old Town", st. Mustaya Karima, 8. Territory “Art-SQUARE” (creative quarter with workshops, galleries, exhibitions).

Old wooden house
Next to the mansion of G. G. Dietz is a couple of attractive wooden houses, Zurupa, 20/2.

Old wooden house
and Tsyurupy, 24

Novikov Mansion

Mansion of the Novikovs, Karl Marx Street, 51. As I understand it, the house lost many elements and carvings.

Ancient wooden houses
Old wooden houses on Karl Marx street.

Old wooden houses on Karl Marx street
Karl Marx Street 79 and 81 (apartment building M.N. Ostroumova).

There are a lot of interesting old wooden houses in Ufa. For some reason, he slipped past the house of the Knyazevs and the house of Samodelkin ( 1913 ) - both along Lenin Street. The most interesting architectural sights of Ufa are located on the streets of Karl Marx, Communist, Lenin and Sovetskaya.

Old wooden carved house
Old brick and wooden carved house. Soon he will be gone, this quarter (Karl Marx Street, closer to the station) with such beautiful houses is planned for construction.


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