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Chapel of John of Kronstadt
Chapel of John of Kronstadt, built in 1913 . Prospect Tchaikovsky, Tver .

Built in honor of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov.

State Philharmonic of Altai Territory

State Philharmonic of Altai Territory ( Barnaul, ul. Polzunova, 35.

At the end of the 19th century, the outstanding public figure V.K. Shtilke and the Barnaul Society for Primary Education took the initiative to build the National House in the city. Money for him was collected by the whole world. Major investments were made by the Ministry of Finance, Barnaul City Council, merchants from different cities of the region. The house was built in 1898 - 1900 on the foundation of a burnt-down guardhouse designed by the famous Russian architect I. P. Ropet. In Barnaul, architect I. Nosovich was responsible for the construction, who made some changes to the project.

Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways
Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways, Yekaterinburg, Vokzalnaya st., 14.

Old railway station, "military", 1878, arch. P. Schreiberg. Object of cultural heritage. In the Great Patriotic War from this station, the soldiers went to the front to the music of "Slavyanka Farewell". The tradition to accompany the train to Moscow to this music has been preserved to this day (but the train leaves already from the new station).

Square in front of the Old Station
The area in front of the Old Station ( Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways ), Yekaterinburg, Vokzalnaya Street. In the foreground - the sculpture "railroad workers".

Rybinsk Museum-Reserve
Rybinsk Museum-Reserve
Rybinsk State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve.

The building was built in 1912 by the project of the Moscow architect A. V. Ivanov. Perhaps the most remarkable building in Rybinsk .

Mouse Palace
Mouse Palace
Tourist complex "Myshkin Chamber", aka Mouse Palace. Sobbed

Myshkin, Nikolskaya Str., 4.

Church of the Resurrection
Church of the Resurrection or in another way: Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed . The interior design amazes with the abundance of mosaic and its virtuoso performance. The great merit of the restorers, because, under the Soviet regime, there was a warehouse inside and the decoration was very badly damaged.

Savior on Spilled Blood
Savior on the Blood at night, through the gates of the Mikhailovsky Park. A similar perspective: the Church of the Resurrection in the summer.

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in memory of Emperor Paul I
The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in memory of Emperor Paul I ; Pavlovsk, Artillery Street, 2. A pleasant church of the beginning of the 20th century in the neo-Russian style.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas
Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Omsk City Council

Omsk City Council is located in the posh historic building of neo-Russian style, built in 1897, by architect M. Shukhman (address: Omsk, Dumskaya Str., 1). Behind the brutal building of the Musical Theater .

Assumption Cathedral
The Assumption Cathedral (the full name of the church is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Blessed Virgin and Virgin Mary Mary), built in 1891 - 1898, by architect E. F. Virrih. Divine services were stopped in 1923, the bells were removed in 1933, the church was blown up in 1935 . Orthodox Assumption Cathedral was built again in 2005 - 2007 on the old foundation and according to the old drawings.

Assumption Cathedral
Assumption Cathedral
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, address: Omsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 12, Pioneers Square.

St.Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church, Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 36. Shop
Shop "Red", Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 14. Merchant Polyakov's trading house is an architectural monument of the early 20th century. The store building was built in 1913 . Probably the most beautiful structure of Barnaul and one of the symbols of the city.

Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior and the hotel
Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior and the hotel "Bryansk"
(Spaso-Grobovskaya Church).

The church was completed in 1904, closed in 1929 and partially dismantled. In the early 90s of the 20th century, the church was restored and consecrated.

Here, from traveling around Russia, such a collection of photos has accumulated.


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