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Winter palace photo - St.-Petersburg
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Winter palace, the main residence of Russian tsars. A prepotent building of a main square of St.-Petersburg — Palace. The magnificent architecture in style of the Russian baroque, B.F.Rastrelli embodied by the Italian, pleases townspeople with 1762 year. After a fire 1837 year the majority of interiors and a palace have been destroyed by fire has been cardinally reconstructed.

at present the building is given under expositions of the state museum Hermitage, but the museum occupies not only this palace.

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baroque  Baroque architecture on a photo.


Largest museum to Russia and one of the greatest museums of the world, the Hermitage is the some buildings connected with each other. The visitor at all does not notice, how having entered in Winter Palace, it move into the Small Hermitage, the Hermitage theatre, the New Hermitage. Originally small collection ... →


St.-Petersburg is based in 1703 to year.

coast of the Neva delta from of old were a part of the earths of Great Novgorod. Neva — one of sites of an ... →


Winter (palace)  In 17321735 years architect F.-B.Rastrelli has constructed an imperial palace, having reconstructed private residences of Petrovsky time existing here. This construction is completely reconstructed by it in 1754 ... →


Winter Palace  Residence of Russian emperors, the Winter palace. The building is designed by the architect Rastrellii in Baroque style. Harmoniously enters into ensemble Palace Square, being the most magnificent and its key construction.



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