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Series of photo «Winter (palace)» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 2 pix


In 17321735 years architect F.-B.Rastrelli has constructed an imperial palace, having reconstructed private residences of Petrovsky time existing here. This construction is completely reconstructed by it in 17541762 the Crosswise court yard close the cases turned by magnificent Facades on the north, the south, the West and the east. East facade nowadays hides the building of the Small Hermitage built in 17641775 Three facades of a three-storyed palace accessible to a review have a various composition. They are unusually solemn and enriched by two circles of three-quarter — columns, decorative frames of windows, eaves, a balustrade with statues and vases. Despite a catastrophic fire 1837 during which time all premises — of a palace were lost­, facades have remained and are bright samples of Baroque style of the middle of XVIII century Colouring of facades in three colours — a rich colour of walls (green), white columns, horizontal draughts and platbands and dark (olive) capitals, bases and cartouches — prominent feature — of style. The variety of details does not break composite integrity. A facade turned on the area, most solemn. Its axis is underlined acting as a projection and three arches of entrance to a court yard. Domestic facades are finished in the same character. A front entrance in a building — in the middle of a facade turned to Neva (the Jordanian entrance). Presently the basic input for tourists is from an internal court yard to which it is possible to get with Palace Square.

palace Premises are restored in 18381839 after a fire 1837 by architects V.P.Stasov and A. P.Bryullov. The basic halls have kept the furnish created by them. Then to overlappings of halls of the big flights (nearby 20) for the first time in history the building technics — have applied original metal designs: triangular — farms, trussed and elliptic beams, and also the pottery arches. Only three premises were restored in character of Baroque style­: the Main (Jordanian) ladder, the Big and Small churches. Smart — halls are solved in style of classicism. Some were whenever possible recreated from them — in the former kind conceived by architects D.Kvarengi, K.I.Rossi, O.Monferranom. In ground floor galleries Rastrelli`s furnish has remained.

Smart, or Jordanian, the ladder (Rastrelli-Stasov) conducts on a platform of the second floor, two remarkable suites — of halls — Big and Neva whence begin­.

biggest in a palace (800 sq. Georgievsky halls and behind it of Apollos the hall (Stasov-Yefimov) is located in the case connecting a — palace with the Small Hermitage.

after revolution a palace (the area of building more than 22 thousand sq.) is transferred the state museum «Hermitage», and its premises are adapted — for an exposition of products of arts. All smart premises — restored.

ensemble with the Winter palace joins the Hermitage buildings located — to the east, between Palace quay and Millionnaya street — the Small, Old Hermitage and Hermitage theatre. All of them are connected on the second floor by covered transitions. The old Hermitage is a part of a building of the New Hermitage, the main facade turned — on Millionnaya street.

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