Gostiny Dvor

Gostiny Dvor photo - Chelyabinsk
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30.07.2018  11:02

Gostiny Dvor, Chelyabinsk, Kommuny Street, 60 (intersection of Kommuny and Yelkin streets).

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  • Towers
  • MP Arkhipov`s Mansion
  • Gostiny Dvor
  • Beggar
  • Monument to tank volunteers

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Chelyabinsk, Tanks-city.


Gostiny dvor  Occupies extensive quarter in limits Nevsky prospect, Garden — street, a lane of Lomonosov and the Duma street. Trading premises — behind a continuous two-story arcade have undergone to radical reconstruction. Spacious trading floors in both floors (1950 ... →



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