Military historical reconstruction

On 1st of November has had the luck to get on military-historical reconstruction of fights of the First World War which passed in Kronverk in Aleksandrovsk park.

Fire! A photo — Reconstruction of fights of I World war in the Art museum

Two battles of war, on East and Western fronts have been won back. Organizers have tried to collect enough of participants and on fields of battles there was a Russian infantry: fighters of the Semyonovsky regiment, Sofia regiment, Finns, the Russian forwarding case; 45th East Prussian regiment and German infantry, the French infantry. Children, and the majority of visitors with interest studied ammunition and arms, signs on distinction of that epoch. There was a magnificent soundtrack of fights, the commentator told that now occurs in the field, explained actions of armies. Fight on east front of 1914 has been won by Russian, battle 1918 on the western have won German attack planes. It is remarkable as the arms evolved, since first years of war and finishing the last.

Between fights participants were charged by heavy drinks, to a course there was a spirit, cognac, vodka. During fights infantrymen with modern cameras, between battling funny looked.

in the dry rest — has selected 48 photos from this military-historical reconstruction. I have called Photos not without mistakes, many thanks to the children who have left the comments thanks to what I have more precisely written summaries and names of photo.


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