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Basis of a lattice was near Winter palace
Severe Petersburg mushrooms. Actually this reminder of a lattice at Winter palace. After revolution dismantled it also a miracle that have not melted, and, having broken out eagles, have transferred to park of Victims in January, 9th.

Pavilion of the tourist information
New city design.

Staff of the Guards
On building of the Staff of the Guards was tablet about events revolution of 1917 (in it building was management of revolt) and now it remove.

Guides have control over colour tags, tablets or, at the worst — the combined umbrellas. And here — a fan!:)

Soviet awards
On Moyka quay on one of houses Lenin's Award (I believe that the dismantled awards from Mariinsky palace). And here, it was added also the Award of the Fighting Red Flag. Probably therefrom.

Be protected, car!
rare now a sign «Be protected, car!» That it is even more surprising — modern. For some reason the laconic and clear formulation have almost ceased to use. And it is a pity.

I and rich :)

Honour Sign
Honour Sign on one of houses on the Austrian Square.

Index Austrian Square
And on the same house the amusing self-made index on the Austrian Square. Good fellows who was made it.


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