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Monument to V.F. Margelov and veterans of the airborne troops
Monument to V.F. Margelov and veterans of the airborne troops, Irkutsk, Gagarin Boulevard.

Monument to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Monument to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who died in the line of duty, Irkutsk, Gagarin Boulevard.

Installed on September 24, 1998. Architect: S. B. Demkov.

Decorative building "Floor lamp"
Decorative structure “Floor lamp”, Irkutsk, Angara embankment (Gagarin Boulevard).

Decorative building "Stone"
Decorative building "Stone"
Presumably symbolizes stone.

Monument to Yu. A. Gagarin
Monument to Yu. A. Gagarin on the boulevard of his name.

Installed on November 3, 1977. Authors: Yu.F. Kuznetsov, I.G. Knizhnikov, V.N. Konetsky, V.P. Verkhozin.

Wooden owl
Wooden owl.
Judging by the inscription on the pedestal - a gift to Irkutsk from the company STIHL.

Monument to Alexander III
Monument to Alexander III on Gagarin Boulevard (Angara embankment), Irkutsk.

It was established in 2003 on the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Sculptor: A.S. Charkin.

A copy of the monument of 1908, developed by the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and cast in the same place. The original monument was dismantled in the 1920s, a monument to Lenin was made from its parts by craftsmen.

The sculpture "Baikal seal"
The sculpture "Baikal seal".

Monument to A. Vampilov
Monument to Alexander Vampilov, the great playwright of the Irkutsk Theater, Irkutsk, the square of the Drama Theater.
The sculptor is the national artist of Russia Mikhail Pereyaslavets. The monument was unveiled on September 20, 2003.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin. Established on September 23, 1952, sculptor: N.V. Tomsky, architect - L.G. Golubovsky. A bronze figure was cast at a figure casting factory at the Mint in Leningrad.

Square on Marata street

The square on Marata Street is fantastic! Installed copies of famous sculptures, Big Ben, a fountain and flower beds.

Sculpture "Girls with a book"
The sculpture "Girls with a book."

Fountain "Swan song"
Fountain "Swan song".

Sculpture "Angels"
Sculpture "Angels".

Sculpture "Lovers"
Sculpture "Lovers".

The sculpture "The Thinker"
The sculpture "The Thinker".

The sculpture "The Book of Kindness"
The sculpture "The Book of Kindness". On the left page is the text: “Compassion lives in the heart of every person. The manifestation of sincere, good feelings makes us responsive and tolerant, able to give others love and care. Helping someone with word and deed, we give the world a piece of our soul, warmth, participation, which help people cope with difficulties in their lives. Touch the “hand of Goodness”, mentally help a person by sending your good energy to the Cosmos - like a prayer, and this will certainly help someone in difficult times. ”

Decorative building "Big Ben Tower"
Decorative building "Big Ben Tower".

Decorative construction "Mother and Child"
Decorative construction "Mother and Child".

Sculptural bull
Sculptural bull.

As I understand it, everything is arranged at the expense of the local business, a dental clinic and shops.

Monument to Irkutsk cat
Monument to Irkutsk cat
Caption: “Dedicated to all Irkutsk citizens and cats living in our city!

“Let's Go!” Financial Decision Bureau ”

Irkutsk, near the house number 11 on the street Gorky. The sculpture was installed on September 28, 2012. Architect: E. Faleychik.

Forged water column
Forged water column ! Stunned, in the city center! I saw this only in Vladimir, though the speakers there seem to be not working, but here it’s quite working.

Irkutsk, next to the monument to the Irkutsk cat, near house number 11 on Gorky street.

Lantern "Kotoji-toro"
Lantern "Kotoji-toro", Irkutsk, st. Kanazawa

A memorable sign of the city of Kanazawa - the kotoji-toro lantern was opened in 1997 during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of friendship between the city of Irkutsk and the city of Kanazawa, is a granite copy of the Japanese lantern from the famous park of the city.

Monument of Russian-Japanese relations
Monument of Russian-Japanese relations.
In August 1994, at the beginning of Kanazawa Street, a monument to Russian-Japanese relations was erected by the Japanese side (architect Mimura). The text on the monument reads: “Paying tribute to Daikokuy Koda and his compatriots, who left a mark on the pages of the history of Russian-Japanese relations, we erect this memorial on the majestic and beautiful Russian land as evidence of friendship between the cities of Irkutsk and Suzuki, as a wish for peace between the peoples of both peoples countries. " Daikokuya Kodai is a Japanese navigator whose ship was wrecked off the coast of Kamchatka. To return to their homeland, the team built a primitive bot and reached Okhotsk. Only the Governor General of Eastern Siberia could facilitate their return to Japan; the Japanese went through Yakutsk to Irkutsk, where only five out of eleven reached. Daikokuya Kodai, with the assistance of Eric Laxman, went to St. Petersburg and got an audience with Catherine II, who ordered a ship to be equipped for their return to Japan, while his compatriots, meanwhile, taught Japanese in an Irkutsk school. Since 1967, Irkutsk and Kanazawa - twin cities on the initiative of Shigeki Mori, father of the former prime minister of Japan.

Decorative structure "Chess board"
Decorative structure “Chess board”, Irkutsk, Kirov square.

Model of the historical center of Irkutsk
Model of the historical center of Irkutsk at the beginning of the 20th century, Irkutsk, Kirov square. Opened November 14, 2014, author - Irkutsk architect Evgeny Stavsky. The scale model is 1: 500, materials from 1900 - 1917 are used.

Monument to Governor General of Eastern Siberia M. Speransky
Monument to Governor General of Eastern Siberia Mikhail Speransky. Irkutsk, square in the square of the same name. Installed in 2016.

Arbor in memory of the founders of Irkutsk
Arbor in memory of the founders of Irkutsk.
During the repair of the foundation of the Spassky Church, the builders had to disturb the ancient burial places of the first city cemetery; on September 13, 2011, 360 remains were reburied in the crypt under this arbor.

Inside it, a small memorial stele was installed on which the silhouette of the Irkutsk prison was carved and the inscription “To the founders of the city of Irkutsk from grateful descendants” was carved.

Busts of the Hierarchs Sophronius and Pinocentius
Busts of the saints Sophronius and Pinocentius (for some reason, marked on the maps as Innocent), near the Epiphany Cathedral. Installed recently - in 2017.

Monument to Cossack Yakov Pokhabov
Monument to Cossack Yakov Pokhabov with comrades. Caption: "1661 to the founders of Irkutsk from the citizens of 2011 ".

Yakov Pokhabov, a Cossack from Yeniseisk, the boyar’s son, went on a campaign to Irkut, where he met “people of Prince Yandash with willow ulus people,” who asked him to establish a prison on the banks of the Angara. It was July 6, 1661, the settlement was called Yandashi, named after the Tuvan prince Yandash Roads, but it did not take root.

The grand opening of the monument took place on September 14, 2011 as part of the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the city. The author is Moscow sculptor Mikhail Pereyaslavets.

The sculpture "First teacher"
The sculpture "The First Teacher", Irkutsk, Angara embankment. Sculptor: I. Stavsky.

Monument to surveyors
Monument to surveyors on the embankment of the Angara, Irkutsk. Installed September 28, 2012
Sculptor: E.N. Druzhinina, architect: I.V. Cherepanov.

Monument to Admiral Alexander Kolchak
Monument to Admiral Alexander Kolchak near the place of his execution - at the walls of the Znamensky Monastery on the banks of the Angara.

This is the first monument to the admiral, opened on November 4, 2004 in honor of the 130th anniversary of Kolchak's birth. The author of the monument is People's Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Ivanovich Klykov.

The sculpture "Muse"
The sculpture "Muse", Irkutsk, near the house number 9 on the street Zhelyabova.

Gaidai Monument
Monument to film director Leonid Gaidai on Labor Square.

Coward, Dunce and Experienced
Nearby are the heroes of the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus" Trus, Dunce and Experienced.

Exhibition of military equipment near the Irkutsk House of Officers
Exhibition of military equipment near the Irkutsk House of Officers. Regimental mortar and howitzer.

Exhibition of military equipment near the Irkutsk House of Officers

Launcher of the S-75M2 Volkhov SAM with a 5Y23 (V-759) missile
Launcher of the S-75M2 Volkhov SAM with a 5Y23 (V-759) missile.

Monument to V.I. Lenin
Monument to V.I. Lenin (belt high relief), Irkutsk, near house No. 31 on Karl Marx Street. Installed July 10, 1934, the sculptor - People's Artist of the USSR Sergey Dmitrievich Merkurov.

Sculpture "Tourist"
The sculpture "Tourist", Irkutsk, near the house number 2 on the street Litvinova. Established September 27, 2011, sculptor: I. Stavsky.

Monument to firefighters and rescuers
Monument to firefighters and rescuers, Irkutsk. Established May 16, 2014 in a small park on Dzerzhinsky Street, sculptor: E. Stavsky.

Sculpture "Babr"
The sculpture "Babr" is a symbol of Irkutsk, the 130th quarter. Installed on October 4, 2012. Sculptor: N. Bakut, architect: O. Smirnova. This kitty needs to rub its claws in order to return to Irkutsk, which is what tourists do in the frame. I also rubbed!

Babr (lat. Felis Tigris) - the name of the Ussuri or Amur tiger in one of the Siberian languages.

Sculpture "Dog"
Sculpture "Dog" (Corgi), Irkutsk, 130th quarter. Sculptor: I. Stavsky. We survived the chat bed, LJ,, but these eared everywhere! Do not go anywhere.

The letters "I love Irkutsk"
The letters "I love Irkutsk", the 130th quarter.

Of course, I guessed that Irkutsk is an interesting city, but that is so! I went around the main attractions of the city, but there were too many of them and I slipped past some sculptures, for example, to the wives of the Decembrists.


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