Square on Marat Street

Square on Marat street photo - Irkutsk
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06.08.2019  04:38

Square on Marat Street is fantastic! Copies of famous sculptures, Big Ben, fountain and flower beds are installed.

Sculpture Girls with a book
Sculpture "Girls with a book.

Swan Song Fountain
Swan Song Fountain.

Sculpture Angels < br/>Sculpture Angels.

Sculpture Lovers
Sculpture Lovers.

he Thinker sculpture
The Thinker sculpture.

he sculpture Book turns
The sculpture “The Book of Kindness.” On the left page is the text: “Kindness lives in the heart of every person. The manifestation of sincere, kind feelings makes us responsive and tolerant, able to give others love and care. Helping someone with a word and in deed, we give the world a piece of our soul, warmth, participation, which help people cope with difficulties in their lives. Touch the “hand of Goodness”, mentally help a person by sending your good energy to the Cosmos - like a prayer, and this will surely help someone in difficult times. ”

he decorative construction of the Big Ben Tower
The decorative construction of the Big Ben Tower.

he decorative construction of Mother and Child
Decorative building "Mother and Child."

Sculptural bull
Sculptural bull.

How do I I realized that everything was arranged at the expense of the local business, dental clinic and shops.

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