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Irkutsk is one of the best cities in Russia!

Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church
Church of the Holy Trinity of the Life-Giving, Irkutsk, ul. 5th Army, 8. Church of the XVIII century, in Soviet times - a planetarium.

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Angara River, railway station Irkutsk Passenger and Sverdlovsk district of the city.

Angara River, Sibiryakovsky Island
Angara River, Sibiryakovsky Island.

Siberian rivers are rich in fish!

Quay of the Angara
Embankment of the Angara.
Asphalt leaves much to be desired, but the benches are excellent. On each - a quote from some famous person about Irkutsk, and certainly with love.

One of the benches on the embankment of the Angara
Irkutsk will spread more and more, and if it is possible to penetrate with our weak eyes into the future, by its position it will be determined to be the head of a strong and vast region”
A.N. Radishchev, 1791.

Sidewalk, Gagarin Boulevard.

Square on Gagarin Boulevard

Youth Island
Yunost Island is a once-popular beer and barbecue place among the Irkutsk residents. Currently, all barbecue facilities are closed.

Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore
Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore (Karl Marx St., 2). Next will be another museum building and also on Karl Marx - the most interesting street of the city in terms of architecture.

Monument to Alexander III

Monument to Alexander III on Gagarin Boulevard (Angara embankment), Irkutsk.

It was established in 2003 on the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Sculptor: A.S. Charkin.

A copy of the monument of 1908, developed by the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and cast in the same place. The original monument was dismantled in the 1920s, a monument to Lenin was made from its parts by craftsmen.

Art object
Art object, Gagarin Boulevard.

ISU administrative building
Administrative building of ISU (Irkutsk State University).

Mansion of merchants Sibiryakov
The mansion of the Sibiryakov merchants (White House), Gagarin Boulevard, 24. The building of the first half of the XIX century. Now - one of the buildings of the Irkutsk State University (ISU). The building was built in 1799 - 1804 according to the project of architect D. Quarenghi, which was burned down at the beginning of the 19th century and rebuilt in the 1820s.

Manor Ya. E. Meteleva
Manor Ya. E. Meteleva, Irkutsk, ul. Karl Marx, 3/2. Now, since 1920 - Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Scientific Center for Family Health and Human Reproduction.

Irkutsk Academic Drama Theater
Irkutsk Academic Drama Theater named after N.P. Okhlopkova, st. Karl Marx, 14. The building was built in 1897 according to the project of the chief architect of the directorate of the Imperial Theaters V. A. Schröter ( St. Petersburg ).

Karl Marx Street
Karl Marx Street, Irkutsk. Left - The apartment building of the hereditary honorary citizen of the city of Y. G. Patushinsky. Behind it is the Office of the East Siberian Railway.

The building of the Russian-Asian Bank

The building of the Russian-Asian Bank, built in 1910 - 1912 by the architect V.I. Kolyanovsky. In 1918, the government of Alexander Kolchak was sitting in the building, now it is Polyclinic No. 2 of the Kirov District. Irkutsk, st. Lenin, 38.

The former building of the Russian-Asian Bank

Former Metropol Hotel
The former Metropol Hotel, opened October 1, 1899. Irkutsk, st. Marat, 70a.

Irkutsk Tram
Irkutsk Tram
Trams in Irkutsk are excellent - modern.

Forged water column
Forged water column ! Stunned, in the city center! I saw this only in Vladimir, though the speakers there seem to be not working, but here it’s quite working.

Irkutsk, next to the monument to the Irkutsk cat, near house number 11 on Gorky street.

Manor Brevnova
The former estate of the merchant V.K. Brevnov, Irkutsk, st. Stepan Razin, 40. The mansion was built in 1909. Currently, the "House of Writer. P.P. Petrova. "

Brevnov Mansion

Former shelter of merchant I. Bazanov
The former shelter of the merchant I. Bazanov, built and maintained on his money. Irkutsk, Sverdlova street, 14/1 / Marata 27. Currently - the clinic of eye diseases of the Medical University.

Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty Clinics, ISMU
Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty Clinics, ISMU, one of the buildings of the former shelter of the merchant I. Bazanov. Irkutsk, Lenin street, 20.

Former state bank
Former State Bank, Irkutsk, ul. Lenin, 3. At present - building number 3 of Irkutsk State University. The building was built in 1899.

Hotel "Angara"
Hotel "Angara", Irkutsk, Sukhe-Bator street, 7. In the foreground - Kirov Square.

Tourist centre
The tourist center is probably the most beautiful in Russia! Irkutsk, square named after Kirov.

The central alley of the Kirov square
The central alley of the Kirov square.

Faculty of Philology, Foreign Languages ​​and Media Communication
Faculty of Philology, Foreign Languages ​​and Media Communication of Irkutsk State University. Irkutsk, st. Lenin, 8a. The building was built in 1948.

Count Speransky Square
Count Speransky Square, on the left - the building of the administration of the Irkutsk region.

Monument to Cossack Yakov Pokhabov
Monument to Cossack Yakov Pokhabov with comrades. Caption: "1661 to the founders of Irkutsk from the citizens of 2011 ".

Yakov Pokhabov, a Cossack from Yeniseisk, the boyar’s son, went on a campaign to Irkut, where he met “people of Prince Yandash with willow ulus people,” who asked him to establish a prison on the banks of the Angara. It was July 6, 1661, the settlement was called Yandashi, named after the Tuvan prince Yandash Roads, but it did not take root.

The grand opening of the monument took place on September 14, 2011 as part of the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the city. The author is Moscow sculptor Mikhail Pereyaslavets.

Quay of the Angara
Quay of the Angara


Moscow Triumphal Gate
Moscow Triumphal Gate
The Arc de Triomphe was built in 1813 in Irkutsk in honor of the tenth anniversary of the accession to the throne of Alexander I. It was destroyed by the Bolsheviks and restored in 2011 a little closer to the Angara. Initially, it reached the ferry crossing, behind which was the Moscow highway - the road to the European part of Russia.

The confluence of the rivers Ushakovka and Angara
The confluence of the rivers Ushakovka and Angara.

The estate of Kalashnikov-Krylov
The estate of Kalashnikov-Krylov, Irkutsk, st. Drummer, 1.

House of I. M. Fainberg
House of I. M. Fainberg
The house of the merchant of the first guild Isai Matveyevich Fainberg, Irkutsk, Khalturina street, house 1. One of the most beautiful houses in the city! And yet, yes - pay attention to the star of David on the turret (Magen David / "Shield of David" - a symbol of Judaism and the amulet).

Year of construction - 1902. There is even a separate book about this house and the merchant - A. Z. Skaler “House on Medvednikovskaya” (the former name of Khalturin Street).

Irkutsk Circus
Irkutsk Circus, Proletarskaya Street, 13.

Former estate of Katyshevtsevs-Pletyukhin
Former estate of Katyshevtsevs-Pletyukhin (apartment building), Irkutsk, ul. Gorky, 42.

House of merchant I.I. Bazanov
House of merchant I.I. Bazanov, Irkutsk, Karl Marx Street, 25.

Manor of Zhbanov and Verkholentsev
The estate of Zhbanov and Verkholentsev, Irkutsk, Karl Marx Street, 19.

Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore
Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, followed by the apartment building of the merchant I. S. Khaminov. Irkutsk, Karl Marx Street, 11 and 13.


Irkutsk Regional Theater of Young Spectators
Irkutsk Regional Theater of Young Spectators. A. Vampilova, Irkutsk, ul. Lenin, 23. The former building of a musical comedy.

Committee on Housing and Communal Services of the Administration of Irkutsk
Committee on Housing and Communal Services of the Administration of Irkutsk. The building, frankly, is strange.

Management of the Vostsibugol plant
Management of the Vostsibugol plant (4 Suhe-Bator St.).

central bank
Central Bank (16 Lenin St.). Initially, the building of the Irkutsk branch of the State Bank of the USSR (architect V. Volkov, 1936 )

Stele with the Order of Lenin
The stele with the Order of Lenin is one of the city’s awards.

Shopping center "Season"
Shopping center "Season", st. Sverdlova, 36.

Shopping center "Season"
Hotel "Miner", st. Lenin, 21 (originally - LenZoloto, “The Miner’s House”, 1936).

Sculpture "Babr"
The sculpture "Babr" is a symbol of Irkutsk, the 130th quarter. Installed on October 4, 2012. Sculptor: N. Bakut, architect: O. Smirnova. This kitty needs to rub its claws in order to return to Irkutsk, which is what tourists do in the frame. I also rubbed!

Babr (lat. Felis Tigris) - the name of the Ussuri or Amur tiger in one of the Siberian languages.

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Charoite room
Charoite room, Gift shop. Irkutsk, 130th quarter, July 3, 15/1. Beautiful carved wooden house.

The name comes from the rare mineral with which the rooms are decorated. Charoite is mined in only one place on the planet - on the Char River in the north of the Irkutsk Region.

Separately: Irkutsk, 130th quarter (19 photos).

Train station Irkutsk Passenger
Railway station Irkutsk Passenger, built in 1897 - 1898.

I was in Irkutsk one day, but in a good way I have to come for at least a week. True, one of the most interesting cities in Russia! Welcome to Siberia!


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