Monument to Russian-Japanese Relations

Monument to Russian-Japanese Relations photo - Irkutsk
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In August 1994a monument to Russian-Japanese relations was erected at the beginning of Kanazawa Street by the design of the Japanese side (architect Mimura). The text on the monument reads: “Paying tribute to Daikokuya Koda and his compatriots who left a mark on the pages of the history of Russian-Japanese relations, we erect this a memorial monument on the majestic and beautiful Russian land as evidence of friendship between the cities of Irkutsk and Suzuki, as a wish m ra between the peoples of both countries. "Daikokuya Kodai is a Japanese navigator whose ship was wrecked off the coast of Kamchatka. To return to his homeland, the team built a primitive bot and reached Okhotsk. Only the Governor General of Eastern Siberia could facilitate their return to Japan, the Japanese went via Yakutsk to Irkutsk, where only five out of eleven reached. Daikokuya Kodai with the assistance of Eric Laksman went to St. Petersburgand got an audience with Catherine II, to oraya ordered to equip them to return to Japan, the ship, and his countrymen, meanwhile, taught the Japanese language school in Irkutsk. Since 1967Irkutskand Kanazawa - twin cities on the initiative of Shigeki Mori, ex-father Prime Minister of Japan.

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