Autumn in St.-Petersburg and suburbs

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In a week there will come autumn, photo last years:

Old ladies
Old ladies.
Four grannies on a bench. autumn. Pavlovsk.

Autumn sketch

Autumn sketch.
Sketch with yellow leaves and a plush toy.


Bridge in park
Bridge in park.
One of bridges in Pavlovsk park (Pig-iron bridge).

Here and the autumn has come, Stierlitz has thought.

the squirrel near a tree. In thoughtfulness, about the come autumn.

Kiddies with a shock of the turned yellow leaves.
Autumn park in Pavlovsk.

Autumn forest
Autumn forest.
Photo from (Voronezh).

Element of a lattice in Aleksandrov park
Element of a lattice of Aleksandrov park.

Gate of the Ekaterina's palace
Gate of Ekaterina's palace.

Chinese bridge
Chinese bridge
One of the Chinese bridges in Aleksandrov park (New garden) in Pushkin.

Krestovy channel, birches

Krestovy channel, birches.
View from Dragons bridge in Aleksandrov park.

Dragons bridge
Dragons bridge
Characteristic for a boundary XVIII and XIX centuries the hobby for China has found reflexion not only in pavilions of Aleksandrov park, but also in three bridges of the New garden thrown through Krestovy channel, — Dragons, Big Chinese and Krestovy.

Dragons the bridge which was called in documents of the end of a XVIII-th century by the bridge «with monstrous figures», has been constructed in 1785 year by Camerona's project, nearby was Chinese theatre. It is decorated by four expressive figures of winged dragons established on granite pedestals. Figures of dragons are full of an expression, their paws are extended forward, tails are bent by abrupt loops. Originally, at bridge building in reign of the empress Catherine II, figures have been executed from limestone; nowadays existing pig-iron dragons are stood from 1860 by models of sculptor I. Schwarz.

Squirrel in park.

Squirrel on a tree
Squirrel on a tree
Pushkin's park squirrel. UNESCO and Greenpeace is protected.

Autumn sheet
Autumn sheet and the first hoarfrost.

Pavilion «Grotto»
Pavilion «Grotto» and Cameron gallery on a background.

Throwing leaves
Throwing leaves.

Navigation comes to an end
Navigation on Fontanka River in St.-Petersburg comes to end.

Bridge of Centaurs
Bridge of Centaurs

Pavlovsk palace
Pavlovsk palace — view from park.

Sculpture of a lion
Sculpture of a lion.

Sculpture «World»
Sculpture «World»

Friendship Temple
Friendship Temple.

Viskontev bridge through the Slav
Viskontev the bridge through the Slav
Viskontev the bridge through the Slav in Pavlovsk park.

View on the Friendship Temple
View on the Friendship Temple.

Avenue in Pavlovsk park
Avenue in Pavlovsk park.
In the distance — sculpture «World».


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